Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Wholesome Table: Your place for organic selections!

Organic food is getting a boost in popularity  these days. I wondered what the craze was with pricey food untreated with pesticides and preservatives; and now I found the answer. Who knew that organic cuisine  could be tasty  and healthy at the same time? That was my discovery in the Wholesome Table. This latter already has 3 branches; and it never stops in its endeavor to serve the best organic vegan food. This is probably because of its commitment to serving only the healthiest and freshest selections possible for all those health connoisseurs.

We started off with the avocado toast. This simple yet flavorful dish is a combination of baked eggs, avocado, and whole grain toast with mustard and dukkah spice. This is considered as one of their breakfast meals. The eggs and avocado, besides being high in unsaturated fat and protein, gave me an energy boost. Add to that the fact that the ingredients produced a sweet, tangy flavor that was truly fitting to start the day.

The Mushroom Paella was their flagship main course dish. This vegan version of the popular Spanish dish is a sight to behold due to its clever mix of bright, explosive colors, and the strong smoky smell. According to the owner, the dish does not have any meat. Instead, the chorizo topping was made out of walnuts. Talk about using vegan ingredients to substitute the meat! Upon tasting, I found that the rice was well cooked; and the chorizo, bell pepper, black mushroom, olives, egg, and shrimp toppings became a winning combo. The mushroom and the chorizo gave the dish a meaty flavor without involving actual meat.

The paella was supplemented by their unique Cordillera salad. What makes this special is the fact that authentic Sagada oranges were used in the dish. These were small and tangy oranges that gave the salad a candy-like flavor. I normally don't like salad; but this is an exception because it tasted like a popular confectionery.  Furthermore, the salad was topped with duck eggs, baked onions, kale, romane lettuce, squash, and candied chayote. The chayote made the dish even sweeter since it was already caramelized.

The main course was ended by the Pokebowl. This is a new organic dish that is currently making waves across the U.S. It is composed of a melange of Fresh salmon, wakame, brown rice, onion leeks, pickled ginger, romaine lettuce, ebiko, furikake, and topped with Togarashi spice and stir fry sauce. Despite the overload of ingredients, I found the dish exciting and tasty. It was the perfect balance of healthy ingredients without scrimping on the taste. While the salmon was raw, I didn't restrain myself from devouring the whole bowl. The delightful mix of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors plus the assurance that it was a health dish made me give in.

As for dessert, we had a number of their fine selections. We were bombarded with generous servings of the banana cake, fudge brownies, mango cheesecake, and their blueberry muffins. We also had a taste of their cookies, namely the chocolate and the double oatmeal variants. I loved the banana cake and fudge brownies since they had this no-gluten mixture. That means no bloating from eating a lot of the stuff. I ate to my heart's delight since both cakes were not too sweet for my taste. Both had a chunky texture and were not brittle as well. The mango cheesecake also had a no-gluten policy. The cheese used was also low fat and light to the taste. Since I love blueberry so much, I can say that the muffins took the cake. One can say that the ingredients were well-mixed and of the highest quality.

The Wholesome table truly changed my perception of a legit organic food place. I'd truly come back for more.

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