Monday, February 13, 2017

El Chapo: a perfectly legal food cartel in the Yard

El Chapo is known as one of the most notorious Mexican druglords. His vast empire, built on heroin and cocaine, spanned continents and earned him billions of dollars. For some strange reason, one of the foodstalls in the Yard (Xavierville, Q.C.) amazingly used El Chapo as a name for the establishment.

According to the owner, they used the name El Chapo since it would amaze diners about its uniqueness; apart from being enthralled with good food and good vibes, of course.

The tagline of El Chapo is "Don't worry esse, it's legal." It is a reference to the fact that the stall is a Fil-Mex food cartel serving only the finest Mexican dishes the owners can think of. The dishes had their own special twist from the owners though. The recipes were somewhat taken from their family heritage. They also substituted Mexican ingredients with Filipino ones for the hard to find parts.

We first tried the Cheesy Beef Salpicao Nachos. At Php 160, it was an overload of tortilla chips, garlic mayo, hot salsa, silantro, and their special blend of beef salpicao. The ingredients blended well to create a blast of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors accentuated by the greens.

We then had a bite of their onion rings. This humungous plate of fried onions cost Php 75 and came with garlic mayo sauce and parmesan. This was great with beer or hard drinks due to its sweet/salty flavor. I love the fact that the big servings came in cheap. 

I tried the beef salpicao taco. At Php 95, it came with their secret salsa verde and their special white sauce plus a load of sriracha on the side. It can be rolled then eaten or taken by the fork. It was a mix of their special beef salpico, which was tender by the way, and the salsa plus pita bread. It was soft on the texture and bursting with flavor too. 

Their ubiquitous tagline.

We ended the meal with fibery goodness in the form of Fil-Mex style barbecued street corn. At 60, it served as a pleasant appetizer. It was roasted corn with sriracha and their special white sauce plus silantro. It was oozing with sauce and that sweet/spicy flavor.

The ordering station. Note the cool insignia.

El Chapo's is located at the first flood of the Yard. It is usually open from 6pm to 12 mn.
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