Friday, February 10, 2017

Brewology: a new third wave coffeeshop in Mother Ignacia, QC.

Coffee in Brewology is made with the utmost regard to quality of the ingredients and exacting standardsfor preparation. While the place is a bona fide third wave cafe, it doesn't intimidate the average drinker who just wants a cup of good old caffeine. 

During our visit, we not only got a chance to taste their offerings; we also had a cupping experience. We had to sniff out the different kinds of ground coffee laid out for us; then we had to guess the kind of taste it gave off. We were even given a tasting chart to help us determine the kind and blend of the coffee. During this experience, I noticed that they only used the best and freshest imported ingredients. I was able to guess the variants of coffee involved after sniffing the brews. Oh, the beans for the coffee shop were provided by Crema and Cream, a startup offering high quality coffee beans to different coffeeshops in the area. 

We then tried their dishes. We first had the Chicken and Spiced Honey, which was in essence a waffle sandwich with fried chicken, Asian coleslaw, and spiced honey. The tangy and peppery taste was pretty good, although the servings could have been more.

Beef Bulgogi Tapa was a mix of spicy kimchi rice, sunny side up egg, and tender beef bulgogi with a taste caramlized sauce. I considered this as the best dish in the house. The mix of sweet beef easily complemented the spicy rice. The spiciness was also at par with my taste.

Pulled Pork and Cheddar Sandwich was less remarkable due to the thin pork and cheddar filling. It was generously served though. 

The breakfast pasta was remarkable for its excellent texture and taste. The pasta was not soggy compared to those cooked by other cafes.

Waffogato was a simple dessert composed of baked waffle and vanilla ice cream. It is what it is: simple. I didn't find anything so special with it. Minimalist.

Smores Brownies were a chunky helping of chocolate goodness with roasted marshmallows on top akin to real smores. These had an excellent texture and a good, sweet taste.

Chocolate chip brownies were milder at the taste department. It boasted of a mocha-like flavor compared to the smores.

Smores Waffle was a bit dry for the palate; but the marshmallows and grahams were generously topped. 

Matcha Cheesecake was a slightly bitter cheesecake dish that was pretty tall in size. I liked the mix of sweet cheese and the acrid taste of matcha, though.

The drinks I tried were:

Butterbeer. Brewology had their own version. I'd say it was excellent. This was a non-caffeinated non-coffee drink made with milk and other secret ingredients. It reminded me of a rootbeer float, though. 

H.O.E or Heaven on Earth was simply the best coffee drink/dessert in the cafe. It was an amalgamation of whipped cream, coffee jelly, cold brew, and their mocha pudding. It can be mixed as a drink or eaten as a dessert, depending on the customer's preference.  I drank it instead. It had a strong mocha flavor accentuated by the coffee jelly and the pudding. It truly was a unique coffee experience. 

In sum, Brewology is no frills coffee shop with a lot to offer than just coffee.

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