Friday, January 13, 2017

Sunlife Sinag Awards 2016 at the Makati Shangri La

Last month, Mr. AR Bautista of AB Comm Events invited me to the annual awards day of Sunlife Philippines Inc. called the Sinag at the Makati Shangri La. This event consisted of honoring and recognizing the achievements of media personnel among the print, radio, online, and written mediums. Sunlife chose winners based on the regions of the Philippines. They also chose winners from unique sectors such as the youth.

Sunlife also recognized the special role of journalists in society and the risks they face. In connection with this, they awarded all the participants with accident insurance. This is just one way that Sunlife hopes to give back to the community as part of its CSR.

It didn't end there. Sunlife also awarded students with cash prizes from the Sinag Student Awards competition. Students from top universities in the Metro submitted their written works on important topics. Sunlife then chose the ones with the best content and delivery then awarded them with Php 10,000 in cash.

These activities show Sunlife's commitment to helping out journalism in whatever field and sector. With Sunlife, your future is not only secure. They also help out in a person's personal growth, be it in business, writing, or other fields. Now that is truly a selfless way of giving back.

The story in pictures:

Ms. Riza Mantaring, President of Sunlife - introducing the winners for the various categories of journalism

The awarding ceremony being conducted

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Xiao Nan Men: Chinese/Taiwanese delights in the heart of Banawe

Taiwanese food is aplenty these days. Hence, customers are now discerning with the taste, presentation, and the quality of the food they eat. Fortunately for me, I was able to try out  one of Banawe's best joints: Xiao Nan Men. The restaurant was located in Z Square mall, a haven for food lovers. 

According to the owner, Xiao Nan Men had its roots in Taiwan. They took over the Philippine branch and served the favorites that was so well loved by the Taiwanese.

We started off with the Deep Fried Pork Belly. This is the Taiwanese version of the Asado. It consisted of deep fried reddish meat with a crusty breading. It came with its own special sauce, though I liked it better with chili. The meat was pretty crisp yet a bit tough.

Stir Fried Taiwan Sausage. While not a staple in traditional Chinese cuisine, this fried favorite is bowl of thinly sliced Chinese sausage topped with leeks and onions. It wasn't especially sweet though and served just the way I like it.

Three Cups Chicken was braised Chicken pieces in black sauce and mushrooms. These were easy to chew and tasty too. The sauce was a mix of salty and sweet tastes. In addition to it, there was a 

King Fish in Mango Chili Sauce reminded me of the sweet and sour fish usually served in Chinese restaurants, yet the fish used was a kingfish, not the standard Lapu-Lapu. The fish is fried then topped with the special sweet and sour sauce and mango chunks. This was, by far, their best seafood dish. The mango and the sauce give the fish a lively, full bodied taste. 

Deep Fried Stinky Tofu was more of an acquired taste. This Taiwanese favorite was a fermented tofu slab that was served after a few months in preservation. I found it to be pretty awful due to the strong taste and smell; yet I managed to swallow one. It was truly an acquired taste.

Deep Fried Porkchop was their standard pork dish. It was reminiscent of Taiwanese style porkchop that was usually served huge on top of rice. It was really crispy too. I also liked its slightly salty taste plus the crispy pork breading used on it.

Sliced Beef Fried Rice with Bell Pepper was the tastiest rice dish in the joint. It was pan fried rice with crispy beef and bell peppers. I love the fact that the dish is also a meal in itself.

Scrambled Egg with Special Sauce is their in-house omelette specialty. It was a humungous fried delight with lots of bean sauce on top. I liked to top this on the Beef rice to improve the flavor.

Xiao Long Bao was pretty tasty. This broth dumpling has been usually served with ginger and black vinegar. This long-time favorite is excellently served at this place piping-hot and in big numbers. I enjoyed savoring every bite of this dish.

Ta Chang Noodles was a beef broth topped on boiled noodles in order to be cooked. It was truly a rich and tasty soup dish that was a refreshing addition to all the rice meals.

The Taiwanese/Chinese mix of dishes were a sight to behold. Their wonderful presentation and their excellent taste are great for groups of people who want high calibre Taiwanese dishes.

The story in pictures:

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