Saturday, September 26, 2015

STI's 32nd anniversary: Be the Positive Change #Iwill

Last September 25, 2015, Ms. Jenny Dy of STI's communications division and Ms. Lariza Garcia invited me an 15 other bloggers to experience the anniversary celebration of STI. The event was held in Enchanted Kingdom, Events Place, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The event started at 10 am. Entitled "#Iwill Bethepositivechange@STI", the event consisted of a series of Talent Searches which showcased the unique talents who study in the school. 

The itinerary was composed of a number of events. These were:

Battle of the Bands                                        9:30AM
STI Singing Idol Competition                      11:00AM
Hataw Sayaw Dance Competition                2:30PM
Search for Mr. and Ms. STI                          4:00PM

For the first hour, I was able to take a tour of Enchanted Kingdom. The place was jampacked with over 20,000 students from all STI campuses all over the country. All of them wore STI shirts to show their school pride. While I wasn't able to enjoy the rides in the theme park due to the sudden influx of people, I was still able to appreciate a quick tour in the park where I spend part of my childhood. 

I was able to witness the Hataw Sayaw Dance Competition after the tour, though. And boy am I glad to report that the talents never disappointed the audience one bit. The dance crews are the best of the best from the STI campuses. The contestants were selected from local STI school contests in a highly competitive environment where the best can only survive. In the national finals held during the event,  about 8 groups performed. The audience, composed mostly of students from the respective campuses, gave their entire effort in cheering for their school performers. I found the Terabyte dance crew of STI Makati to be the best performing. Even the crowd went wild with their complicated maneuvers and stylish routines.

STI honors its commitment to develop students to become the impetus of change in society. The hashtag #Iwill represents the platform used by its students to express themselves, and unite for a common cause. Through the campaign, STI challenges its students to utilize electronic media responsibly and use their innate skills to initiate positive change. 

Other events for the afternoon included the Battle of the Bands and Singing Idol.  These were followed by the much awaited Mr. and Ms. STI 2015. The event ended with a grand fireworks display. The event truly marks STI's pledge to hone the next generation of individuals in holistic learning and high quality education. It also shows the school's commitment to develop these individuals are changemakers in society.

STI Education Systems group Inc. is a publicly listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange which has been operating for over 30 years. It has excellent academic programs in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Tourism. You can visit the website at

The story in pictures:

The events place

The stage

a closer shot of the stage

The bloggers waiting for the next event

The outside part of the events place

Some students wearing STI T-shirts

The STI logo

A big tarp displaying the event celebration

The events place

Some of the 1930's Americana inspired structures in Enchanted Kingdom

The Americana town

Another shot

The start of the event

A smaller event  at the covered dining area

The prize booths

The Space Shuttle

A panorama shot

The space shuttle

Another panorama shot

One of the newest rollercoasters in EK

The Event Proper

All of the dance contestants in one number

The hosts