Saturday, February 28, 2015

Press Event: Manila Shakespeare Company's Romeo and Juliet

Last February 17, 2015, I had the opportunity to watch excerpts from the Manila Shakespeare Company's rendition of Romeo and Juliet, a timeless classic from the writings of the great English playwright. The event was an exclusive invite to members of the blogging community, school faculty, and press. It was held in Teatrino, a quaint and stylish events place in the heart of Greenhills.

The play aims to give audiences a fresh perspective to the story which has been set on stage thousands of times over in various motifs and settings with all the remarkable lines and theme. Also, this rendition sets it apart from those which have already been made due to its efforts to inculcate Filipino culture and sensibilities in order to make it relatable to the palate of local audiences. The actors, for their part, blended in creative ad-libbed lines as a way of being playful and experimental with the characters that they portray. All these elements, taken together, made the viewing experience very interesting and unexpected, especially from those who have been very familiar with the genre.

It features acclaimed performers from the local theater and television industry such as Ms. Issa Litton and Ms. Tricia Torres, and The role of Romeo is played by Nelsito Gomez while Rachel Coates performs as Juliet. It is directed by Nicanor P. Campos, an accomplished theater actor and director who is very passionate in performing and directing renditions of  Shakespeare's works.

I do encourage you guys to watch it! It will have its first theatrical run on February 27, March 5, and March 6, 2015 in Teatrino Greenhills. For tickets, call 09395969250 or email