Friday, October 14, 2016

7 Flavors: Chef Boy Logro's buffet restaurant in Greenhills.

Aldous Calubad once again invited me to a food event. This time, the restaurant was 7 flavors in Greenhills. The venue is owned by celebrity Chef Boy Logro, a veteran in the dining industry. To date, this is his second restaurant. The term 7 flavors is used to refer to the seven flavors used in tasting and cooking food, notably umami. The food is served buffet style, with favorites from different Asian cuisines used as viands in the table. The buffet is offered for Php 500 for lunch and Php 600 for dinner, including drinks and dessert. We went there for dinner.

The pictures below show my experience in the restaurant. 

The viand selection included:

The chicken mole had this thick sauce that accentuated the meaty flavor.

While I wasn't a fan of salmon head, I enjoyed the mushrooms that came along with it.

I'm not a fan of tofu, but I tried it out. It was pretty decent.

As a meat eater, I can say that the dish catered to my preferences. The sauce was a bit too sour though.

The kare-kare was fine. Nothing too special.

This mix of seafood was pretty decent. I like the spicy sauce that came with it.

The vegetables were a bit dry. However, these were still pretty tasty.

The make your own taco selection. I personally loved this part. The ingredients, particularly the beef, were pretty flavorful. The tacos reminded me of the ones I used to buy when I was younger.

The salad bar. The vegetables were served fresh.

The lechon macau and pusit were the dishes I enjoyed the most.

The house staple is carved roast beef. The beef is quite remarkable with hot gravy. 

Ah lots of sushi!

The dessert area had filipino favorites such as bibingka, suman, and puto. I personally liked the cookies and the ice cream. 

7 Flavors is located at 196 A. Mabini, San Juan, Philippines.

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Prawn Star and Asombroso at the Yard

A month ago, Aldous Calubad invited me to the Yard. Since it was my first time going there, I was overwhelmed at how active the place was. Young people frequented the area and tried out the numerous food stalls in the compound. Our group tried out Prawn Star and Asombroso, two concessionaires in the area.

Here is the story in pictures:

The prawn star menu.

The prawn star logo.

We tried out the Pride. At 850 Pesos, the meal is hefty mix of Crabs, Shrimps, Clams, Corn, Sausage, Potatoes, and a thick sauce from different flavors.

The shrimps were pretty tasty. i also loved the slightly spicy pepper sauce which they used to flavor the mix.

The ingredients weighed about a kilo. Props to the fresh ingredients that the owners used for the meal.

The big bucket.

On the other hand, Asombroso is a Spanish-styled concessionaire which serves the best from the Peninsula.

The Patatas Bravas. This 130 Php dish is composed of baby potatoes fried in herbs. It is a finger food that complements viands. It is a bit oily and salty as well.

The Paella Balls (180 Php) and the Clams and Mussels (150 Php) in White Wine Sauce. The paella Balls were brimming with flavor. This double carb dish is composed of breading with a rice and chorizo filling. It suits my taste perfectly. The Clams and Mussels were pretty remarkable too. These are fresh. While the meals are in small servings, the flavors here are uncompromising, 

The Yard Premises

The Asombroso Menu.

The Yard is located at Xavierville, Katipunan, Quezon City.
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Pinac: Pampanga cuisine for a chic and stylish venue

Pampanga has been known for its delectable indigenous cuisine. It is thus no surprise that Pinac offers the best of Pampanga's flavors. Located at the second floor of the UP Town Center beside SNR Dining, this new restaurant is gives us old world Filipino charm perfect for those families who want an experience reminiscent intimate family dinners.

I had a grand time in this place. Also, the pictures will show you what their food has in store. 

Hipon with Talangka. Don't let the orangey look fool you. The shrimps are brimming with flavor due to the Talangka (Crab fat) the shrimps are truly fresh with every bite. I love the fact that this all seafood dish has this mild, salty flavor.

Turon with Dulce de Leche. At Php 155, this dessert is an old Filipino favorite redesigned to fit a fusion cuisine style. The design is very stylish for a dessert dish.

Lemon Cucumber Cooler. The sweet taste was accentuated by the sharp flavor of cucumber.

Baked Oysters with Crispy Kangkong. The oysters were baked to perfection with a helping of cheese, butter, and kangkong. At 235 Php, the dish is a pretty good appetizer. The kangkong reminded me of those spinach dishes we used to cook at home.

The overloaded pinoy paella. This dish is pretty pricey at Php 645; but the price is worth it. The meal is composed of pan fried rice topped with the typical paella toppings such as squid, mussels, eggs, and peas. But this one has chunky slices of bagnet with it. Talk about toppings!

Pinac's Crispy Pata. At Php 645, this dish is the creme de la creme of their viand menu. The chunky pork leg is boiled then fried to a crisp. This generous helping comes with soy sauce and eggplant. I enjoyed the crispy and not-so-oily skin.

Deep Fried Chicken with Potato Crisps (Php 325). I initally thought that this was chicharon. The crispy skin and fatty goodness reminded me of the latter. Add to that a generous helping of potato chips; and this dish is already good with beer.

Crispy Hito Balls, Mustasa at Buro (Php 235). Catfish isn't the most appealing of dishes in pictures. Hence, the owners thought of grinding the meat into balls, putting crispy breading on it, and accompanying it with mustasa and a special sauce.

Flat Top Smores. At Php 255, this delectable dessert is composed of pan heated marshmallows with curly tops filling. It is accompanied with a fresh helping of graham crackers. It is also good for sharing. Upon tasting, I found the dish to be filled that chocolate goodness I never thought was possible with locally made chocolate.

Pinac truly gave me a different perspective on Pampanga cuisine.

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Manila Creamery Co. Food Tasting Event at UP Town Center

At about the same night when we reviewed Shawarma Bros., our group also got a taste of the sweet flavors of the Manila Creamery Co., an up and coming gelato brand in UP Town Center. According to the owners, they studied the art of making gelato in a specialty school in Italy. The owners told us the difference between ice cream and gelato. According to their poster:

They were truly passionate about the dessert; so they used their knowledge to create a product that will surely cater to everyone's sweet tooth. The prices are currently discounted at Php 85 pesos for regular flavors and Php 120 at signature flavors.

The pictures will show you the creamy and delectable selections of this premium brand.

We first had the Truffle and Fresh Marcaspone Gelato. This sophisticated flavor is for those who appreciate the uniqueness and rarity of truffles. The cone topping is excellent for scooping up the gelato.

The blueberry cheeseckae gelato and the vanilla almond gelato

The ice cream freezer

The mango gelato has a strong, sweet flavor that reminds me of mango sago dessert. While the mango comes off as a bit strong, I still appreciate the fact that it tastes fresh.

The stall.

Mangga't Suman. This indigenously themed gelato takes its roots from the popular Filipino dessert.

The mango gelato, vanilla almond, mangga't suman and blueberry cheesecake flavors.

The blueberry cheesecake gelato and the manggat suman gelato. The blueberry cheesecake gelato is my utmost favorite. This flavor exactly replicates the taste and texture of blueberry cheesecake down to the graham crust.

The vanilla almond gelato. While having a mild taste, this flavor embodies the milky and creamy sensibility of its flavor base.

The Manila Creamery Co. is located at the movie house area of the UP Town Center.
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