Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Skylight Autohub: See Your Car in a New Light!

With the automotive industry booming in the Philippines, we see a good number of aftermarket parts dealers rising up to meet the demand for spare parts.  Fortunately for us, Skylight Autohub is one of the newest distributors poised for this challenge with respect to car headlamps. Last September 22, 2015, I was invited by Nikolai Mari, an esteemed blogger, to cover the opening of Skylight's new showroom in Liberty Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Together with 15 other bloggers, I was given a sumptuous dinner before proceeding with the conference. 

Skylight Autohub Philippines, Inc., is a branch of Skylight Autohub, a Malaysian Company owned by Mr. Quah. He has stayed here for over 26 years and has set up the business a few years back. He believes in the potential of the Philippine car market to exponentially expand in the next few years as a result of its economic boom.  He sees the opportunity for aftermarket parts purchases to increase together with the former.

The company is originally based in BGC, but their new showroom opened a few days ago in Shaw Boulevard to meet the growing needs of a market that has become crazy about cars. The company aims to achieve customer satisfaction and delivery high quality and stylish products rigorously tested to comply with safety requirements. It also aims to become the number one distributor of car headlights in the country. 

The selection of car lamps being offered by Skylight are named Eagle Eyes. This brand is comprised of several high quality features that set it apart from the rest. These are powered by LED's, which have a 35% increased distance as compared to ordinary lamps. The brightnees is up by 100%. They also boast of a wider visibility angle and contain anti blinding technology. Lastly, these are plug and play for that no fuss installation. The designs are absolutely great! The lamps are reminiscent of edgy and sharp eyes that can make an ordinary looking car into a hyped-up sports car. According to Mr. Quah, the lights are actually reminiscent of the designs of HID lamps installed in German cars such as Audi and BMW.

In the videos that were shown to us, the manufacturing process for these lamps is actually very meticulous. The manufactured products are subjected to several tests, particularly the Dust, Anti-Static, Salt Spray, Splash Water, Abrasion, Air-flow/ Moisture, and Light Bulb Filament Inspection Tests. Also, these lamps are certified by several reputable European testing agencies to ensure quality. The brand is available for several Japanese and American cars such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mazda, Suzuki, and Ford. 

Once I get my car, I would love to get one the Eagle Eyes for it! 

Skylight Autohub is located at Liberty Center Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. You can call them at 09179019770.

The Story in Pictures:

The facade of the place

A display of the headlights

Another display of the headlights

The Interior

A poster showing the benefits of Skylight lamps

The bloggers examining the interiors

The president of PMCM Events Management
 delivering welcoming remarks

Mr. Quah orienting us on the brand

Some of his staff orienting us on the lights

A sample of the headlights on a 2015 Toyota Vios

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