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Shawarma Bros in BGC Stopover: a unique twist on Persian cuisine

Last September 13, 2015, the hardworking Aldous Calubad once again invited me to another food tasting event. This time, it was in the urban jungle of BGC. The subject of our invite was the newest contender in Persian cuisine: Shawarma Bros. The restaurant, came about as the result of the efforts of the enterprising founders composed of Abraham Castro, Gabriel Sobrepena, Joey Reyes, Rammy de Claro, and Paolo Layug, all of whom are graduates of the Ateneo de Manila University. They became part of H2004 Ventures, which then created the concept for Shawarma Bros in 2012. 

The partners admitted that they initially wanted to franchise a buffalo wings place. However, they changed their minds and instead chose to sell meals from a food truck. They also modified their choice of food from sandwiches to shawarmas due to the fact that most Filipinos love rice. They also admitted that the business also taught them how to cook and create recipes. They also sought the expertise of a skilled chef who taught them the ropes. 

In sum, the name Shawarma Bros resonates from the founders' identity as bonded brothers who have the love for shawarma. It captures the distinct taste and strategy employed by the founders to express their quest for “A Different Shawarma Experience.” Hence, they focused on serving rice plates more instead of shawarma wraps. Also, they serve the meals in special biryani rice. They also include lamb and special sauces in their menu such as chili tomato and cheese. Lastly, their dishes have mango salsa with it. In total, these combinations have been well-received among Filipinos.

The brand already achieved success with their food truck. However, not being content with their venue, they decided to launch a brick-and-mortar store in Bonifacio Stopover as a way to capture the target market. 

My experience in this vibrant dining place was pleasant, to say the least. The interiors had the feel of a an industrial park interspersed with signboards and quotations signifying etiquette for "Bros" (You can see it in the pictures) The spirit of friendship and camaraderie is truly evident in the choice of signs in the area. Apart from this feature, the venue was well-lit and vibrant. Brash and bold colors such as yellow and orange made up the motif. While metallic-coated tables made up the dining spaces. I also love their use of those electronic waiting counters that light up when you order is ready.

Their menu concentrates on three types of meat: lamb, chicken, and pork. They serve it in two type of carbohydrate goodness, particularly wraps and rice. Even with a very simple menu, the selection still is very attractive to the discerning customer who wants a taste of meat-filled goodness.

I had their Lamb Steak Rice with Keema Meal, which is part of their Big Bro series. I'd say that the food was well cooked and generously served. The Php 279 meal consisted of a helping of well-done grilled lamb coupled with turmeric-seasoned biryani rice and the mango salsa. Mine also came with saucy ground pork called Keema. The meal was a truly meat-lover's paradise. One can savor the tenderness of the meat involved and marvel at how much effort their crew gave into making this dish. The seasonings, particularly the cheese and garlic sauces, were prepared fresh. There wasn't any bad or particularly strange smell with them. They also complemented the meat by giving it a tangy and zesty taste. The same goes for the mango salsa. It added so much variety to the meat filled meal and was fresh at the same time. To top it off, the meal was also complete with refreshing iced tea.

I'd say that the meal satisfied my lamb cravings. My belly was really filled after that sumptuous feast. Furthermore prices are very affordable. One can get a basic lamb meal for only 220 pesos. Other items on the menu are at the 150-200 peso price range.

For those interested, you can visit Shawarma Bros at 2/F BGC Stopover Pavilion, Rizal Drive Cor. 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City. Their number is 0977-325-7032

The story in pictures:

Beef Shawarma Bros

Chicken Shawarma and Lamb Shawarma Rice Plate

The food truck! Their first venture!

The menu

A visit of the venue at Bonifacio Stopover BGC:

The well-lit place is vibrant

The interiors resemble have a modern industrial facade

Notice the container van walls

The freebies that came with the visit

Share a Seat, Meet a Bro. Hats off to that quotation!

The wallpaper for one of the interiors

The serving area

Fist bump bro!

The logo and entrance

 The sumptuous Lamb Steak Rice with Keema

Lamb Steak

The Keema




One of the walls with pictures of their visitors

The menu

That shiny waiting counter

plus the press kit

Photos courtesy of:
Shawarma Bros Press Kit

Shawarma Bros Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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