Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taco Bell's new Crunchy Core Burrito: an explosion of meaty and cheesy flavors

I was invited by Ms. Sol of Certified Bloggers to Taco Bell in Cyber Place Cubao. As one of their newest branches, the place boasts of a spacious second floor with enough seating for over 120 people. The place was also well lit. 

Just last week, I got a taste of Taco Bell's new product: the Crunchy Core Burrito. As one of their new flagship products, this overload of cheese and other premium ingredients is highly loaded with a mix of everything a traditional burrito has and more. 

The Crunchy Core Burrito has a melted cheese center which is particularly a blend of three cheese sauce and nacho cheese sauce wrapped in their signature flour tortilla in the first layer. The second layer is composed of a melange of tender beef chunks, Mexican rice, sour cream, and their special tomato sauce wrapped in another flour tortilla. This double layered burrito is the epitome of a cheese burrito and a traditional burrito in one. 

The Cheesy Core Burrito is available at Php 139 ala carte with a Php 179 price tag for their combo with nacho chips and drinks.

As I bit into the humongous burrito, I found this to be a good commercial-level Mexican dish. Not super remarkable, but rather unique in its own special way. The mix of Taco Bell's signature ingredients played their parts in giving a good, if not excellent, Mexican experience. There was an interplay of delightful cheesy and tomato flavors that gave the dish a sweet and pleasant taste. The beef was also tender and juicy. Hence, I'd say that while the Burrito was not the best, it had its own distinct taste. I'd say that for its price, the serving was pretty decent. The chips that came with the dish were generously served; but I couldn't help but compare them to commercial flavored chips. As I wash the burrito down with cool iced tea, I enjoyed the meal despite its imperfections.

You can visit Taco Bell at its official websit at tacobell.com.ph or follow them at fb.com/tacobellPHL.

A cross-section of the burrito

The burrito and chips combo

The servings were decent.

A waiter with Taco Bell's newest burrito

Samples for every one

The generous amount of nachos.

A party pack box for the bloggers

The well-lit counter

Taco Bell's combos

The storefront

Another shot

The drinks
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