Friday, February 10, 2017

Game Over PH: an arcade themed bar and restaurant

I never thought that a place where video games, alcohol, and food would actually exist. Now, we have Game Over, a restaurant slash computer shop slash boardgame place slash inuman place. This is the first of its kind in the heart of Quezon City. Upon I arriving, I immediately tried out their Family Computer, Nintendo 64, and Arcade machine upon arrival. 

Come dinner time, I had three bottles of Heineken and a generous helping of some of their best selling dishes. I first tried out their appetizers such as the Beef Nachos and the Spicy Chicken Skin. The latter had a kick due to high-level spiciness; while the Beef Nachos were composed of generous helpings of tortilla chips with a load of cheese and beef. Not bad. 

We then tried their Sisig Pizza. This thin crust selection had sisig and sunny-side up egg toppings on the typical mozzarella. It was quite tasty, yet not too unique or special. After this, however, the dishes became saltier. It started with the Creamy Salmon Pesto Pasta. This was composed of pesto pasta with a slice of stir fried salmon. The salmon was quite salty for my taste.  This was followed by the Salmon Parsillade Rice Topping. It shared the same taste with the pasta, save for the noodles.

We were also treated to a helping of their famous meat dishes such as the Yakiniku Beef Rice Toppings and the Game Over Ribs. The meat  of the former dish was not quite tender; and I had a hard time chewing it. As for the ribs, it was quite soft; but the dish was way too salty for beef ribs. I appreciate the fact that it came with roasted corn and a tasty sauce.

The burgers and salpicao were brimming with flavor; however the salpicao had the same hard-textured meat. The burgers were quite tasty; and it came with a good helping of crisscut fries. I think the burger took the night away.

The flawed viand, however, was compensated with tasty dessert treats. We had the Tiraccino or the Tiramisu Cappuccino. It was a pudding style dessert that had a mocha flavored based and a creamy texture. The Molten Lava Cake was a chocolate cake with a hot filling. Both were quite sweet and appetizing even after a long night of eating.

Game Over is a mixed bag for me. While it has great ambiance, the food still needs some improvement.

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