Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jipan: a Japanese bakery with excellent viands for your Japanese cravings!

I had a great time exploring Jipan. This high end Japanese bakery has what it takes to present itself as a uniquely styled restaurant chain in the area. We tried some of their delectable creations. These included:

The Seafood Okonomiyaki, lastly, was a round of pancake topped with sliced cabbage, squid, and brown sauce. It had a salty and bitter taste that was complemented with wonderful dish presentation. I'm not a fan of Okonomiyaki; but I like the pancake's texture and generous topping of cabbage.

Bread for take-out.

Their danish varieties.

JiPan Poppers . The dish was a unique twist on potato balls filled with cream cheese, tempura and crabstick bits, and their special sauce. I like the fact that the dish was light on the taste and not too big on the size.

The oh so delectable cheesecake menu.

Their excellent selection of freshly baked pastries.

The Dynamite Roll, on the other hand, was composed of california maki topped with Tamago, Tempura slices, shrimp and crab bits, cucumber, and kewpie. This was the epitome of the sushi dishes they had to offer. It was truly an overload in itself.

The Spicy Tuna Salad, on the other hand, reminded me of Rice Krispies. This uniquely styled dish was composed of ground fried tuna bits complete with the breading. It came with an especially spicy sauce. I loved the dish's texture and spicy taste.

Jipan is located at G/F Robinson's Magnolia.

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