Friday, February 10, 2017

Beef X Burgers at UP Town Center

Burgers are big yes for me! With Beef X, I expected the best, since I already ate here a few times already. However, my expectations fell a bit flat.

Beef X was formerly known as BIG B burgers. This joint has been around for quite a while. However, they recently opened their UP Town Center branch. The branch served the same burgers as with the others; however, the prices here are way higher!

We had their appetizers called the Saktong Fries and the Poutine ng Ina Mo. These were fries with their own special toppings. One came in cheese and the other had a special sauce. Good thing these were tasty. 

We had their Pink Potion with feelings. This was a juice drink with food coloring that was mixed as it was served to us. The waiter even performed a litany in front of us as we described our feelings to him.

We got to try out 3 of their burgers, namely the Pizza Burger, the standard Beef Bacon Burger, and the Waffle Bun Burger. The Pizza Burger, being their newest creation is a unique twist on the burger. The top bun is shaped like pizza, with mozzarella cheese toppings and baked pepperoni. The burger patty itself is a chunky beef amalgamation with their special Beef X white sauce. There is a generous helping of cheese and lettuce inside. The patty itself had bacon bits which was filled when it was grilled in the kitchen.

The second was the Beef Bacon patty. This is the standard burger. It had the same specs with the pizza burger except that the patty was smaller; and the buns were plain. One had to pay extra to make the patties thicker. 

We had their Waffle Burger. It was the best dish in their menu so far. The Waffle patties were filled with syrup; and these blended well with the patty. It reminded of the Sausage mcmuffin of a famous brand; except that this one was served all day round. I liked the interplay of sweet flavors and the beefy patties. 

The problem with the patties, though, was that it was dry and tad too thin. It didn't look that good on pictures, and the texture wasn't that remarkable. While it did bind well and wasn't soggy; the patties were not that top notch compared to what we expected from an established burger joint. The quality deteriorated a bit. 

However, I believe that this restaurant can improve their burgers in the future. Here's to hoping that they will do.

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