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Limbaga 77, an excellent family restaurant in the heart of Tomas Morato, QC.

Limbaga 77 is a restaurant situated in the heart of Tomas Morato, QC. The name is taken from its actual address, which was once a residential area. Its venue is located in a house that has been adaptively reused into a huge two-floor dining space that is well-lit and ambient. As a Filipino family restaurant, they serve home-cooked meals that surely made me enjoy my experience. 

We were able to taste the entire range of their meals, starting from soup up to dessert. For starters, we tried the Halaan Soup. This was a showcase of boiled clams which released so much flavor into the soup. I easily devoured the clams and the soup in no time at all due to the addictive fatty taste.
We then had a handful of their starters, which were the Bulaklak ng Kalabasa and the Poqui poqui Rolls. The former was an amalgamation of ground beef, cheddar cheese, and squash flower fried to a crisp. The latter was a lumpia-like combination of eggplant and dumpling wrapper fried as well. Both were just the right taste. Nothing was explosive in the experience.  However, I must say that the Rolls had a small amount of filling. It felt like I was eating more of the wrapper itself. 

Their main dishes were composed of Pochero, Baked Litson Paksiw, Stuffed Laing, Four Flavored Wings, and the Spicy Seafood Adobo.  the Pochero was a helping of tomato sauce where beef, leafy vegetables, and saba were braised to perfection. The Pochero reminded me of Afritada due to the strange sweetness of the sauce. However, the beef was pretty tender, and the Saba was a reminder that the dish was Pochero. The Baked Litson Paksiw, on the other hand, reminded me of Porkloin and Roast Beef by its appearance.  According to the owner, the pork was first baked then braised in their secret sarsa sauce.  The meat itself was pretty tender, however the skin left something to be desired. It was quite tough, actually. The Flavored wings were served in fours. It was comprised of baked chicken wings with honey glazed barbecue sauce. It was pretty crunchy and tasty too. It could have used a bit more spice, though. The Spicy Seafood Adobo was for seafood lovers. It was a braised combination of shrimp, mussels, squid, crab, and spicy adobo sauce.  I loved the way they cooked the squid since it was done just right.

Their ultra best seller, the Stuffed Laing, reminded me of Lumpia. The gabi leaves were turned into wrappers, while ground pork served as the filling. It came in the standard coconut milk sauce. What surprised me was the fact that there was no spicy kick from this iconic dish. Usually it would be pretty spicy. However, the owner guaranteed us that the dish was a best seller even without the kick. 

The viands were accompanied by a healthy serving of Danggit Rice, a popular Visayan dried fish which had a pungent smell and a smoky flavor.  The rice was topped with leeks, Danggit, fried egg, and garlic. It would be considered as a dish in itself. I enjoyed pairing the dish with the meat selections due to its bitter and smoky taste. 

I chose the Mabuhay Smoothie for a drink. It was a cooler composed of cocount milk, pineapple and celery. It reminded me of Pina colada mixed with buko pandan due to the coocunty flavor and the milky texture. While being quite heavy, I still enjoyed the mildly sweet taste and the healthy ingredients. 

Their desserts were the Bikoron, the Perlas ng Mangga, and the Maja Brulee. The First is composed of Biko wrapped in Lumpia wrapper. The second is their take on Mango Sago. The third is their unique blend of Maja Blanca.  Of all three, the most remarkable was the Perlas ng Mangga. It was a combination of fresh mango, taro balls, and mango buding in a small cocktail glass. I truly enjoyed the explosion of sweetness in this dish, albeit the small servings. I wish it didn't end so soon. The Biko reminded me of Tikoy due to the appearance. The maja was just alright. Nothing too remarkable for me since I don't enjoy eating Maja blanca anyway.

In sum, Limbaga 77 is all you need and more for a family restaurant that is welcome to gatherings, parties, and other special occasions for the family.

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