Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Superbowl: a long-time Chinese restaurant with better food and ambiance than before

Superbowl has greatly improved since I last tried out the restaurant ages ago. Their dishes have begun to show better taste and distinction. The interiors have also shifted from the usual purple look to a much more modern Chinese look. According to one of their executives, Superbowl has been around for 15 years, circa 2001. The restaurant has undergone numerous changes, yet it never failed to deliver excellent Chinese food bordering on the traditional style of cooking. 

I must agree with him on his claims. True enough, this fact was something I found out a few days ago at Superbowl SM Megamall. 

We tried out Superbowl's time-tested traditional favorites. 

The mango shake started our meal. It was a sweet blend of fresh mangoes with a cherry on top.

The Dimsum Combination Platter allowed us to try the best of their dimsum selection. It was composed of a large platter of steamed pork dumplings, hakao, fried sharksfin dumplings, vegetable rolls, and siu pao. The entire platter cost 350 pesos. I must admit, the entire platter was a convenient way for me to select the dimsum varieties which I wanted to try. I enjoyed the pork dumplings; because every bite of it was chock-full of pork and that meaty flavor which I craved for. 

With the sauce.

The Szechuan Shrimp was a delectable mix of nuts, whole dried chili, stir-fried shrimp,  turnips, bell pepper, and carrots. It was the right mix of spiciness, oiliness, and tanginess. Seafood lovers would surely love this due to the flavorful mix of different ingredients. 

The Braised Tofu with Mushroom was for vegetable lovers. It had a load of tofu and black mushroom, apart from the cabbage, beans, and other vegetable varieties. It was stir-fried to perfection. I loved the mushrooms for their meaty flavor.

The Fried Crispy Chicken was another fried favorite of Superbowl. This is a whole chicken fried to a golden brown goodness. The skin was thin and crispy. It was also filled with a tangy, oily goodness. The intriguing taste made me want to devour the entire chicken dish. I also loved the fact that the chicken was strategically chopped into small bite-sized pieces. 

The Peanut Buchi was a deep fried ball of taro and peanuts. Every bite was soft, mushy, and nutty at the same time. While not their strongest dish, this was still of good quality.

Eggplant with Minced Pork was a dish with a controlled taste. It was composed of eggplants stewed generously in ground pork. Despite the color, I'd say that the soft texture of the eggplants made it palatable. 

Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Spicy Salt was the cornerstone of the meal. This is arguably a Chinese restaurant's flagship dish. Fortunately, Superbowl's interpretation met my standards. The spareribs were pretty crispy and spicy. Add to that a garlicky flavor, and the dish was something I'd eat all day. 

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet and Lechon Macau were also two Chinese restaurant favorites that figured prominently in Superbowl.  The former was a juicy dish that was composed of fried fish dipped in their signature sweet and sour sauce. The fish had a crispy fried breading and excellent choice for sauce. Unlike the variants of other restaurants, the sauce was an great balance between sweet and sour, with no flavor overpowering the other.

Lechon Macau with Hoisin Sauce. Considered as a luxury dish. This was a succulent sampler of the traditional Lechon Macau dish served in countless restaurants. Superbowl's version was excellent. There was no hint of oiliness in the dish, and the fatty part was truly flavorful. The hoisin sauce gave it an additional sweetness that perfectly matched the meat. 

The entire meal set

The ubiquitous Yang Chow Fried Rice was the staple of every meal with Chinese food. I liked the fact that the toppings were aplenty. There was Asado, peas, fried egg, leeks, onion, and Chinese sausage. This generously topped rice was excellent with every dish served. 

Superbowl served us a sample of Chinese favorites the traditional way. What is remarkable is that the restaurant has continued to improve its game, thereby making it one of the most popular brands in Chinese cuisine. 

Superbowl is located in Fourth Floor, Mega Atrium, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Ortigas.

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