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Titto's Latin BBQ and Brew: a go-to place for Mexican lovers in Kapitolyo

Titto's is one of the newest Mexican restaurants in Kapitolyo. It boasts of a chic two storey structure, fully-air conditioned and brand-new. Our visit had us tasting more than 10 dishes from their menu set.  This restaurant has been becoming popular for its tangy dishes and excellent ambiance.

The outside had an imposing facade. Perfect for those who were unfamiliar with the place.

They even have a wall motif depicting pop culture icons in Latin American countries.

The owners got the inspiration for the name from their status as "Titos of Manila." The owners had extensive culinary training; and they used Mexican cuisine owing to their love for such food.

The second floor dining area had these semi private cabanas which were great for dates and rendezvous.'

The smoking area in the second floor had a wall motif too.

Titto's Salad - P275. This was a combination of the quintessential lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, and shrimp. However, the owners added fried potatoes, alfalfa, and other seasonings to create their own unique blend.

Nacho el Gigante - P375. This was the perfect pulutan. Half a kilo of nachos with an overload of cheddar cheese dip and ground beef on top. Add to that sour cream and guacamole for more of that garlic herb flavor.

Sisig Tacos- P135 The fatty blend of Sisig, egg, and pita bread was something I appreciated for its simple yet explosive taste. 

Baja Fish - P135 This one was for seafood lovers. It had a lot of vegetables and fried fish.

Dos Tipos Calamares - P260 Squid ink was mixed in the calamares breading to produce that distinct black color. The calamares was crispy enough; while the squid ink didn't give any weird flavor.

Pollo Pizzadilla - P295 This was a cross between a pizza and a quesadilla. This was a carb overload; however I appreciated the delightful mix of sour cream and pesto.

Elote - P195 This was roasted corn dipped in spice powder. It made for good pulutan.

Lomo Saltado - P365 This was grilled premium beef with salty potato strings on top. This was by far, their creme de la creme. Every bite was perfect with their gravy. 

Arroz Negra (m) - P495 This was their seafood variant paella complete with short-grained rice dipped in squid ink. The mix was an excellent representation of seafood flavors coming from mussels, shrimp, and squid. 

Paella de Carne (m) - P395 This was the meaty variant of their paella. The chorizo topping was, in my opinion, the tastiest one to ever grace this dish. It had a spicy and peppery flavor.

Pollo Asado - P340 A huge serving of roast chicken with corn sidings and an olive oil sauce. I savored every bite of the well-cooked meat.

Steak Burritto - P245 This was a half-foot long burrito with hot steak chunks and cheese for filling. It came with sweet potato chips. I liked the filling for being quite tasty. The sour cream accentuated the flavor further.

Pineapple Ginger - P95 The mix of strong fruity tastes made the drink more appropriate as a chaser for alcohol.

The desserts were top of the line. 

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake - P190 This was one of their best desserts. The cheese blended seamlessly with the cream to create a memorable experience.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes - P190 This was akin to ice cream due to the thickness and consistency of the lower portion.

Titto's Ube Churros - P210. While a bit lackluster, this dessert was nonetheless quite tasty due to the abundance of caramel sauce and cream toppings.

Titto's has truly made itself into a formidable Mexican place in Kapitolyo. You can visit it at 16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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