Saturday, April 1, 2017

Italianni's: a long-time Italian favorite in Greenbelt 2

Italianni's has had the honor of become a long-standing restaurant in Greenbelt. Its enticing meals and comfortable atmosphere has gained the attention and admiration of diners who have desired high quality in their meals. 

During our visit, we tried out an entire array of their Lunch, Appetizer, and Dessert selections.

We had a number of the lunch specials. We first had the Beef Roast Melt with Garlic Rice at Php 425. This mix of garlic rice and cheesy beef strips was pretty generous. The seasonings were powerful enough to give the dish an herb-like flavor. The mozzarella cheese was melted well enough to improve the beef's hard texture.

Beef Stew with Spaghetti Aglio Olio at Php 395 was an unlikely combination of pasta and beef stew. The pasta was still pretty delicious and reminiscent of classic Italiannis. The beef was quite lacking in taste, but the servings were pretty generous. 

Grilled Pork Skewers with Garlic Rice at Php 375 was a top notch dish. The pork was grilled to perfection then topped with salsa. It came with a generous helping of garlic rice for a very tangy flavor.

The Herb Pork Chop with Garlic Rice at Php 375 was a thick slice of pork chop glazed with barbecue marinade and served with garlic rice and soy sauce. This was also another one of my favorites in the menu for the day. Every bite had me wanting more the glazed barbecue flavor.

We then tried their extensive appetizer menu. 

The Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio - Lunch at Php 395 / Regular at Php 680 
/ Abbodanza at Php 850 was a pretty heavy appetizer. It came with 7 huge slices of garlic bread and a dip made out of mozzarella with ham and artichoke chunks. This was a perfect way to start a meal.

The Toasted Ravioli - Lunch Php 395 / Regular Php 595 was one of their other cheesy appetizers. The ravioli was pretty taste due to the glorious mix of tomato sauce, spinach, feta cheese, mozarella, and bay leaf. I loved this for the melange of excellent flavors that came with every bite.

 Prosciutto e Formaggio - 695 was the quintessential hoers d' oevres. It was a plate filled with high grade cold cuts and premium cheese. Every piece had a taste of the preserved smoky flavor.

Shrimp Aglio at Php 545 is one for seafood appetizers. It was a generous mix of sauteed shrimp and garlic bread with some fruits on the side. The shrimps were fresh and tasty.

 Mussels Lombardi at Php 595 was a big helping of fresh mussels with alfalfa and garlic bread on the side. The mussel sauce was quite plain; but the mussels themselves were generous in size.

Dessert at this place was still very excellent. We tried the Boccone Dolce di Mango at Php 395. This was their equivalent of the Filipino Dulce De Leche. The dish consisted of a mango topping on a soft and foamy cream layer and a mango ice cream like lower layer. This reminded me more of ice cream.

The Tartufo at Php 425 was their chocolate cake. It was a slice of a dome cake with a thick chocolate outer core with a double layer of vanilla and mocha. This was a pretty sweet selection; yet the bitter chocolate balanced out the the taste of the vanilla and the mocha.

The New York Cheesecake at Php 425 was their signature cheesecake. It had a thick cream cheese filling and strawberry sauce pool. This was, so far, the highlight of the dessert. Every bite was full of the balanced, sweet flavor which lacked the overpowering cheesy flavor.

Italianni's still has the top of the line food selections for lunch. It is located at 1/F Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati.

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