Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mad Mark's: Kapitolyo's go-to place for steaks and ice cream

Mad Mark's has the makings of Kapitolyo's finest. It has excellent steaks and ice cream. Its popularity has gone places such as UP Town Center and Uptown Parade, BGC. However, its roots lay in Kapitolyo, a common ground for food start-ups. According to their chef, Mad Mark's was conceptualized without a definite plan and a menu in its first iteration. However, this haphazard planning has led to its success anyway.

The interior was complete with wooden motifs and homey nostalgia.

Johnnie Double Blackribs P285 is a generous helping of pork ribs doused in a Johnnie Walker marinade with two sides. In this case, this was corn and carrots and potato salad. The ribs were quite sweet with a caramelized flavor. The salad was quite tasty as it had bacon bits and a sweet cream sauce.

The Signature Steak P285 was a medium well piece of steak with two sides. The meat was quite tender and savory. Plus it had a smoky flavor due to the cooking method. It truly went well with the mashed potatoes with gravy and the salad.

Lumberjack Sandwich Full P250 Half P145 was their name for the popular Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. The meat filling was absolutely generous; plus the cheese sauce was all over the sandwich. Every bite was filled with meaty goodness.

Firehouse Sandwich P125 Half P190 Full was their fried chicken sandwich. It had with it a helping of vegetables. I liked it for the special secret sauce, which was a combination of sweet and tangy tastes.

The Creole Grilled Chicken P225 was a tender piece of grilled chicken. It had a salsa topping and two sides as well. The meaty flavor worked well with their fried rice.

Absolute Mocha Java Milkshake P170 and Caramel Round White Milkshake P160 were some of the restaurant's specialty desserts. The Java Milkshake was a delectable coffee tasting drink that was pretty creamy and full-bodied at the same time. 

Their other notable desserts were the ice cream selections. We tried out the Sumatra Arabica Ice Cream P110. It had a strong coffee flavor due to the presence of Arabica beans in the mix.

Javan Hot Chocolate Ice Cream P110 and the Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream P110 were of the milder varieties. The former had a chocolate flavor while the latter was mostly made of vanila with a few chocolate bits. I liked the fact that these variants were homemade out of their special ingredients. 

Mad Mark's truly has a number of popular specialties under its belt. I would truly go back for more! It is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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