Saturday, April 1, 2017

Krazy Garlik's New Chicken Menu

We tried out Crazy Garlik. a restaurant located at Greenbelt 3, Makati City. Its specialties are usually peppered with, you guessed it, garlic! Their new menu consisted of delicious chicken dishes for people who love a variety of tastes.

I first had their Mango strawberry shake with orange peel on top. I loved this drink due to the fruity blends leveraged in one glass.

The Spiced Chicken Leg Quarter at Php 375 was a generous helping of Chicken thigh served with fresh beans and garlic rice. I loved this dish for the mildly spicy and garlic infused taste. The chicken was served medium rare and topped with a variety of herbs. This chicken variant was the tastiest due to the delightful mix of the marinade and garlic.

The Inasal Leg at Php 375 is composed of Inasal chicken leg quarter served with garlic rice. The taste of this dish was centered more on the smoky flavor derived from the preparation of the chicken.

Binagoongan Leg at Php 375 was a serving of Chicken Leg in binagoongan cream sauce on top of steamed rice. This was truly spicy due to the combination of chili coconut sauce and garlic.

We then tried two of their desserts.

The Ube Crema Macapuno at Php 150 was an overload of ube, cream, and macapuno served cold.

The Buko Pie Delight at Php 150 tasted more like caramel ice cream. There was a huge helping of ice cream and caramel syrup atop buko strips. This was more of an ice cream dish than a pudding.

Crazy Garlik is located at 2/f, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Makati.
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