Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fika: Filipino Specialties at Capitol Hills

Fika is a unique Filipino restaurant due to the fact that it was run and managed by a Swedish chef. Their Filipino specialties were of his making due to his extensive stay in the country. He loved the culture and the food, especially. Fika came from a Swedish word, meaning 

The interior was peppered with an extensive collection of books. These were allowed to be read by customers while waiting for their meal. The restaurant was also an offshoot of the cooking school called First Gourmet Academy, an institution located in the heart of Capitol Hills, Q.C. The restaurant is the place where graduates of the culinary school get trained or employed.

We then tried their specialties, which were the Pancit Molo and the Pancit Canton. The molo had this hot, tasty soup with bits of pork, beef, and chicharon. It had thick noodles and cabbage for tops. The Pancit was generously topped with eggs, squid balls, pork, and vegetables.

The chicharon was exceedingly crispy. It was served in bitesized chunks and was great with their vinegar. I love the fact that the sizes were quite small.

The guising-guising was composed of the vegetable namesake and bits of ground beef drizzled with coconut milk. Every bite was pretty savory due to the combination of tasty ingredients.

The chicken inasal was boneless and savory too. Every bite was so tender and juicy as well. Since I loved this dish, I had no difficulty eating an entire stick worth of the meat.

The fried rice had a generous topping of fried eggs. It also had chorizo and other pork toppings.

We enjoyed our dinner with an excellent accompaniment of the Capitol Hills sunset.

The Bistek was accompanied by quail eggs. I must say that every bit was filled with the savory sauce and the tender beef. The beef was sliced into thick chunks, while the sauce was soy sauce based. It truly reminded me of homemade cooking.

The fried rice topped with fresh unripe mangoes was topped with bagoong for a salty taste. I didn't appreciate this as much as the other fried rice; but this was nonetheless commendable for the excellent presentation.

The Binagoongan was composed of thick pork chunks cooked with tomato sauce and bagoong. It had a pretty sharp flavor. I must say that the meal was pretty savory. 

The Laing truly defined the excellence of Fika's dishes. The gabi was accompanied by a very spicy kick and dilis bits. It was best served together with the rice.

The fried eggplant was a bit underwhelming; but the texture was remarkable due to thinness of every bite and the lack of oiliness.

Fika's breakfast sets were composed of the Tocino, Beef Tapa, and Corned Beef. I liked the beef tapa the most due to the slightly sweet flavor and the generous helping of eggs that came with it. The other two were pretty good because of their marinades.

Fika is located at 1/F Capitol Hills clubhouse, Quezon City.

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