Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SunLife GoWell Press Conference at Ascott Hotel

Just last week, Mr. A.R. Bautista invited me to witness the launch of Sunlife's Go Well Campaign in Ascott Hotel, BGC. The agenda was about the launch of Sunlife's Partnership program with Fitness First. I was truly interested in this campaign since I keep myself in shape to maintain my heavy eating. 

Sunlife first introduced Go Well as part of its newest insurance product, the Fit and Well. Since then, it has branched out with its fitness activities, even going so far as offering fitness classes open to everyone. 

Go Well now has its own website at where it offers top notch fitness advice to health and wellness aficionados or even those who want to enter a journey of fitness. The website offers rewards and prizes for people who simply want to learn more by reading the articles. 

Exclusive members on the website get better chances at winning points for the rewards. They also have other privileges such as exclusive high level workouts. However, a good number of community workouts are offered for free to everyone.

According to Ms. Riza Mantaring, Sunlife has consistently shaped itself to be a partner in the Filipino's quest for good health through fitness. In this small way, she hopes that the company can help people achieve peak health. 

According to Ms. Jaymie Pizarro, the facts showed that Filipinos believe that they are living healthy physically and emotionally, yet they don't get regular exercise. This disconnect will truly manifest in the lifestyle of Filipinos. Also, Sunlife helps obviate this problem by providing people with an affordable health care insurance which covers prevention, cure, rehabilitation and diagnosis.

 Mr. Mark Ellis of Fitness First talked about the new partnership of Sunlife with Fitness First. They will offer community workouts in their premises for Sunlife and Gowell customers. They guarantee safe and effective exercising with the help of professionals. He also talked about his motivations for getting fit. He noted that he initially wanted to get fit for the sex appeal; but as he got older, he started to value the importance of exercise for wellness.

The event was ended by the MOA Signing of Sunlife and Fitness First for their GoWell campaign. Under the agreement, Fitness first will host Sunlife community workouts in their gyms and provide exclusive workouts to Gold members. 

Sunlife has truly expanded from an insurance company into one that has a diversified product scale. With this in mind, it is notable what the company has achieve in its time in the Philippines.

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