Sunday, April 2, 2017

Brad & Pit's Ribshack: a good place for meaty specialties

Brad & Pit's is known for its meaty ribs and excellent drinks. Our foodtrip in Kapitolyo checked out this place filled with nostalgia decor and strong colored cocktails. 

The place had a lot to say about alcohol. Check out the posters and the shelves.

They even had a typewriter to boot.

Add to that the vintage memorabilia of the place. They even had one of those classic television sets.

The hot summer afternoon trip rewarded us with some of the place's signature alcohol mixes. Take for instance Pit's Cooler at P160. It was a cocktail made out of gin, tonic, and blue food coloring. This was pretty strong despite its insidious flavor.

Mango Tango P160 was mango juice mixed with a strong hint of vodka. The intoxicating flavor was due to the mango's sweetness.

Tequila Sunrise P160 was the classic tequila mixed with orange juice. This was ultimately strong in terms of alcohol content.

Mount Nachos P195 was a huge chunk of nachos, cheese sauce, pork rib cutlets, and barbecue sauce. This was, in essence, a sampler for their ribs. 

Long Island Iced Tea P160 was lemon iced tea mixed with vodka and rum. This was pretty sweet despite the melange of alcohol.

Rib Mountain L P635 was their most famous specialty. It was a huge slab of pork ribs with original barbeque sauce. I liked it for its huge servings, fall-off-the-ribs meat, and side dishes.

Cubano P135 was the classic cuban meat sandwich with ground beef, egg, and cheese filling. The bread was quite thick, but the filling was tasty nevertheless.

Grilled Tuna Belly P385 was a mix of tuna belly and barbecue sauce. This was pretty dry, though. The sashimi cut should have been replaced with tuna jaw or panga. 

12 pcs Wings - P385 This was a plate of spicy chicken wings doused in thick barbecue sauce. I'd say that this provided value for money due to the sheer quantity of wings for a cheaper price.

Brad & Pit's Ribshack is located at 35 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.
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