Saturday, April 1, 2017

St. Patrick's Bar: one of Kapitolyo's classy inuman places

St. Patrick's is a Kapitolyo bar with an Irish flair. The interiors truly remind one of its European-themed roots from the decor up to the drinks. During our visit, we were able to try out their food and drink selection.

The bar is located in one of the more discreet avenues in Kapitolyo. It can be found by looking at its distinct green sign. According to the owners, Patrick was the name of one of their partners. They originally began as a generic themed bar then transformed into an Irish pub after customers christened them with the identity.

One of their partners was Jameson, a popular Irish whiskey brand.

The bar selection boasts of a ton of choices. They have famous European brands scattered all throughout their shelves. They even have the famous Macallan whiskey, a premium Scottish brand.

Their happy hour was from 4-8pm daily. Wine, Cocktails, and Jameson are at Php 99.

Truly, St. Patrick's has the kit to get you drunk on the very premises.

A testament to their Irish motif.

Other beer memorabilia.

We then tried their Happy Hour selection, aka. Pulutan.

We first had the Gambas at P330. This was a helping of shrimp sauteed in butter with a siding of bread. It was excellent with hard drinks due to the shrimp's salty and fresh taste.

The Chili Cheese Wedges was a serving of fries with an overload of toppings at P220. It had more saltiness and cheesiness. There was also a spicy aftertaste to it due to the presence of jalapeno slices.

Salpicao was the marinated beef mixed with stock sauce at P330. It was quite tender and great with beer. 

Sausage & Peppers at P240 was a helping of sausage slices mixed with bell peppers, onions, and their special sauce. Since the dish was made with German sausage, this never failed to whet my appetite even if I was quite full already.

Chicken Cracklings with House Beer Gravy was the quintessential Chicken skin pulutan dish. It cost P190. The skin was pretty crispy and salty. Better pair it with sweet alcohol to dull the saltiness.

Their food menu.

Of course, who can forget the requirement for the night: alcohol! We had the meal with a generous helping of Jameson mixed with ginger ale. It even had a lime slice for toppings. Every drink was a taste of heaven for me due to the smooth mix. The strong-bodied flavor of Jameson was tempered by the sweet ginger ale.

I also tried their caramel beer. It was composed of the simple yet popular San Mig Light mixed with sweet caramel syrup. I found it delectable with high or low doses of the syrup. It even reminded me of butterbeer from Harry Potter.

Lastly, their Macallan was the highlight of the night. At Php 400 per shot, this drink was the fullest expression of Scottish class. It was a strong whiskey with an oak wood flavor. Perfect with cigars.

For those looking for a pub with high quality European drinks, try out St. Patrick's. It is located at 24-D East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.
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