Friday, October 14, 2016

Shawarma Bros. UP Town Center Food Review

A month ago, Mr. Aldous Calubad invited me to the restaurant review of Shawarma Bros UP Town Center. The event showcased the selections of the same restaurant and the same flavors that I have tasted before. The selections include:

Pita Tostadas with Garlic Hummus. At Php 80, this tasty and flavorful appetizer is the newest addition to their menu. These are crispy toasted corn chips with a thick garlic sauce on the side perfect for whetting your appetite.

Keema Nachos at Php 150. This overload of nachos, ground beef, cheese and tomatoes differs from the ordinary nacho selection with its tangy and edgy taste. It's a bit spicy and peppery. Add to that the sweet cheesy taste.

Keema. At 60 pesos, this platter of ground beef is a bit oily and spicy. It is usually perfect as a sauce for the nachos or the Pita Tostadas.

The pita tostadas with their signature iced tea.

The Beef Shawarma Rice Plate is a satisfying meal. At Php 159. This mixture of biryani rice, beef cuts and vegetable salsa is a true testament to a delicious Persian meal. The over all flavor is a mixture of herbs and spices generously poured on to these premium ingredients perfect for those thrill seekers who want exotic flavors.

The Lamb Steak Rice Plate is the most expensive item on the menu. At Php 199, this generous helping of chopped lamb shanks coupled with the standard biryani rice and the vegetable salsa will get a taste of one of the rarest meats in the country. The lamb has its own unique and strong taste perfect for those who want a little extra flavor from their dish.

The signboard

The digital menu.

Shawarma Bros. is located at 2F, UP Town Center.
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