Sunday, October 2, 2016

FX United preview: a sneak peek into the world of Forex trading

Just last week, Ms. Acee Comla gave me the privilege of exploring a little known yet fertile field of investment opportunity: Forex trading. The company, FX united, started out as a Belgian company which expanded its operations to Malaysia, and more recently, to the Philippines. 

As one of the reputable brokers in 6 trillion dollar industry that spans continents, cities, and countries, FX United has provided premium services in foreign exchange investment. It boasts of a powerful affiliate system that consists of 7 ways to earn. The first is through active trading using the award-winning Metatrader 4 platform, an electronic system developed by the Russians. Newbies can first join through a 500 usd deposit in a Winst account. This account has a usd 150 bonus for learning the basics of trading. It also has strict controls and limitations to help the newbie and prevent him from losing his capital. The second is a standard account. This is akin to real world of Forex where a trader can trade according to his risk appetite. The third is through a direct referral system where a trader can refer his friends, family, and acquaintances for a cash bonus. Furthermore, the trades they make are subject to commissions which the referring broker can earn himself. (the fourth mode of earning)

The fifth mode is through an indirect referral system that makes the first referrer an income earner to the people his downline invited. While this system sounds like a bit more like MLM, FX united assured us that their enterprise isn't a ponzi scheme. It's more of an incentivization for broadening their market base. 

Furthermore, one of the company's key features is a CGAT or Capital Gains Automated Trading system that promises a 12% monthly return with minimal risk to capital invested. In this wise, a computer controlled trader invests the client's capital into trading to create the desired gain. It does sound too good to be true but it actually is true. The speaker himself attested to gaining the 12%. (the sixth and seventh mode of earning)

Forex has its risks, and about 90% of investors usually lose here. But with FX United, a trader can gain knowledge and insights to improve the way he trades and eventually make substantial gains. Also, Forex trading, while unregulated by local laws, is nevertheless permissible, albeit with its risks and returns. However, with the right tools, mindset, attitude, and knowledge, one can make this field as a tool to financial freedom! In the future, I'd truly want to invest in this fruitful activity.

FX United is located at 31st floor, One Corporate Tower, Pasig. Its main office is in Rockwell, Makati.

Mr. Ivan Dizon explaining the fundamentals of Forex trading

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