Monday, June 20, 2016

Todd English Food House: a taste of sumptuous international flavors

        To celebrate Aldous' birthday, we hung out at the posh SM Aura in BGC. We had a taste of the delectable offerings of Todd English Food Hall, an upscale dining area situated in the top floor of the mall. The restaurant is actually owned by the same group that operates the esteemed Tim Ho Wan Chinese restaurant and the Mesa Fusion Cuisine chain of restaurants. This place was just opened this year and has been garnering a lot of attention from the media, the dining public, and the local food scene. Being privileged to try out this place, I certainly was excited! The place has truly been known for its unique play on international flavors and favorites.

           In the restaurant, our blogger group had a taste of their wide array of dishes, including:

Frito Miso. This fried squid delight was not too oily, actually. It was very crispy and a bit sweet. The squid was fresh and tasty! The garlic mayo sauce made the dish even more flavorful.

Simple Salad. The standard fresh vegetable dish for those who want things basic. It's a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, corn, vinaigrette, and olive oil.

Spinach Salad. Made from Spanish Spinach or Alugbati, this healthy dish is a veritable concoction of wellness. The slightly bitter taste of the spinach leaves was complemented by the sweet and juicy tomatoes, oranges, cranberries, and friend onion rings.

Tuna Tartare. This sashimi dish was complemented by steamed shrimp. Seafood lovers will surely have a blast with this one.

Brooklyn Meatball Spaghetti. The huge meatballs coupled with angel hair pasta was a force to be reckoned with. The sheer size of the meatballs and its cheesy fillings can make anyone full in an instant. Add to that the crisp tomato sauce and you definitely have something good for the belly.

Seafood Diablo Orzo. This seafood pasta delight was composed of their special tomato sauce garnished in olive oil cooked with shrimps, squid, scallops with the cheesy risotto. Seafood lovers would surely have a blast with this dish.

Miso Glaze Salmon. This seafood delight is composed of a pan seared salmon topped with salad for those who want their dishes health conscious. I especially loved the fish for tasting very fresh and light. 

Wagyu Fried Rice. As a meat lover, my bias for steak has always been very heavy. Imaging my delight when I found out that the meat was made out of pure Wagyu beef cut into small strips and topped on fried rice. It's definitely a high end take on that simple beef tapa I usually eat.

Steak and Marrow. The steak goodness never ends. This U.S. Hanger steak was cooked to perfection. Add to that a thick slice of bone marrow that's surely delightful for fat lovers. I surely had a great time savoring the fat and tasting the soft, delicious, meat.

TE Pork Chop. This huge chunk of pork chops really made my heart melt. Add to that the demi glace sauce and the great cooking. I really ate my heart out as I devoured this dish.

Lamb Chops. As a lamb lover, this dish is a welcome addition to the array. The baked meat was drizzled with mint sauce and cream. This reminded me of the lamb dishes I tasted in Malaysia. However, this dish really took the cake. I love the cooking and its flavorful taste.

The birthday boy! Well, I didn't ask him about his age, though!

Agnolotti Veal. More fatty goodness came with this dish. The creamy sauce and tender fat made me want to ask for more.

Truffle Fungi Pizza. For some carb vegetable goodness. This pizza was a thick and hot slab of premium truffles. This was truly for those with discerning taste.

As for dessert, we had:

The Bomb! The white chocolate dome  was drizzled with sinfully delightful chocolate sauce. Believe it or not, the cake had a graham, ice cream, and espresso cream filling. Talk about a small dome that packs quite a punch!

Betty White. This more conservative tiramisu cake topped with grahams and gelato is for those who want a more traditional approach to their dessert. Plain white and simple.

OMG. Yes it's the name of this dessert. This chocolate overload is composed of lava cake, cereal crumble and chocolate gelato. The bittersweet chocolatey taste is the true embodiment of cacao goodness.

Todd English Food Hall is located at the 5th level SM Aura, Skypark, Taguig. You can visit their FB page at

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