Monday, June 20, 2016

Mr. Churros: the newest premium Churros place in Quezon City

         Churros has become a wildly popular dessert item these days. True enough, the owners of Mr. Churros have capitalized on this new fad by opening up a branch at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. One of them actually lived in the U.S. and learned to master the art of making this wonderful dessert. He even made innovations of this dish by serving it as a cake or even with ice cream.

          As a dessert lover, I naturally never passed up with this wonderful opportunity. Hence, I went with Aldous and the gang to the place.

           The story in pictures:

We went to their first day in the venue.

One word to describe their dessert

The counter

They also serve coffee.

The artistic menu wall.

Their ice cream churros.

The deep frying machine for the dough.

One of the owners cooking churros.

Their promotional flyers.

          Their basic plain churros at Php 60 pesos for 5 piece and Php 80 pesos for 8 pieces. I especially loved the fact that it wasn't dripping with oil. It was also served hot because it was prepared in the spot. Add to that the tasty dark chocolate dip and you have a dessert that you'd love any day, anytime. The owners also take pride in the fact that they only use premium and fresh ingredients to create really cheap churros. Imagine that size of churros for Php 60 pesos?! Wow! Who wouldn't want to eat 20 of those in one sitting? The dip comes with an additional 20 pesos.

The counter.

Ah this magnificent beauty is the Blueberry churros cheesecake. It comes for Php 700 for an entire cake. Since I'm such a huge blueberry fan, I spent no time devouring it. For the first time in my life, I found that churros and cake do come together naturally. The hot churros complements the icy cake, while the blueberry topping serves as the taste dip in lieu of the chocolate sauce. The cake was prepared using only the finest ingredients such as blueberry sauce and cream cheese.

I can finish that cake in one sitting haha.

Another shot of the plain churros.

We were on our way to finishing the cake.

One more shot.

For a sweetness overload, you can try the Classic Churros with Cinnamon Sugar. It usually served without the sauce because the sugar already provides much of the sweetness. Call that a lure for sweet tooths!

For someone who wants their churros with a lot of chocolate, he can try the Oreo Churros. At 120 pesos, this dish was lovingly topped with crushed Oreos. Lots and lots of it. The dip is made out of cheesecake, in contrast to the plain choco dip for their classic chrurros. I loved this.

Bacon churros come in 5 pieces for 95 pesos. This tastes more like a viand compared to the other desserts. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it because of the copious amounts of bacon spread at the top of the dish.

For someone who wants their churros with a lot going on, he can try the Smores Churro ala Mode. At 165 pesos, this dish has the toppings of crush graham crackers, peanuts, marshmallows, nuts and chocolate syrup. This will truly make one satiated due to the sheer amount of toppings.

the Churro crust serves as the base for the build your own churros. Customers can choose toppings from their menu.

We had the build your own churro bowl. This delightful overload of ice cream, cheesecake, blueberry, nuts, and caramel syrup was enough to satisfy my ice cream cravings for the day. Add to that the milky taste brought by the cheesecake and blue berry, and you definitely have something that rivals the churros cake. The thing about this dish is that you can choose the toppings you want. 

We truly had a great time here!

Mr. Churros is located at F7 Rallos, Sct. Rallos, Quezon City! Their FB page is at
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