Monday, June 20, 2016

Lucky Chick UP Town Center: your go-to place for American style fried chicken

          A month ago, the esteemed restaurant blogger named Aldous Calubad invited me to savor the American style offerings of Lucky Chick, located at the second floor of UP Town Center, Diliman, Quezon City, beside Wingman and Casa Verde. The restaurant interiors remind one of a homey and upbeat ambiance that caters to families and kids who want to bond over home-cooked meals. The place has actually been around for less than a month in the area.

        Whats's interesting about the menu is that it gives the diners a taste American home-cooked meals. The food carries a diverse selection that includes sandwiches to salads, as well as its flagship chicken dishes. Let's start with the chicken. As the restaurant's specialty, the impeccable friend chicken comes in its golden brown skin fried to a satisfying crisp. The recipe follows an American southern style blend that has been passed on from generations and has filled homes countless times. This recipe has been a mainstay, then. The authentic taste is a sure hit for people who want an excellent-tasting chicken dish that can easily outclass the local fried chicken offerings. Add to that a wildly variegated selection of side dishes, and one can experience the unique taste that comes into play with every meal. At 138 pesos, a one piece chicken meal with rice and drinks is enough to satisfy a hungry boy. For those who want more, a two-piece chicken with a side dish complete with rice and drinks is priced at 308 pesos. Hungry families can get a meal with 4 pieces of chicken coupled with 4 cups of rice, 4 glasses of iced tea, and 2 sides at 688 pesos.  I'd say its pretty reasonable given the quality of the dishes served.

          As one of the bloggers privileged to attend the foodie event, I was able to taste their one piece chicken meal coupled with a mashed potato side dish. I can attest that the chicken was unlike any local fried dish I have ever tasted before. The chicken is one of the best I have ever tasted. It wasn't too oily and greasy. The tasty deep fried skin can easily be taken away from the meat and eaten alone or with their special gravy which comes in Original, Honey, and Apple Cider variants. Furthermore, the meat was cooked just right. There was no blood or dark meat patches in it. It also tasted fresh and well-cooked. I liked the fact that the meat and skin never tasted salty. 

           The side dishes include garlic rice, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, biscuits, mac and cheese, corn muffins, corn in the cob, fries, green peas, and hashbrown casserole. I took the mashed potato owing to my childhood preferences. The side dish exceeded my expectations. I initially thought that only the chicken would have that premium, exquisite taste. The mashed potatoes were also of high quality and well-prepared as well. It wasn't bland or salty either. It simply had the sweet taste coupled with a spiced up flavor from the gravy. I'd love to come back to this place to taste their delectable array of side dishes.

        For your home-cooked American fried chicken cravings, try Lucky Chick. Its tasty offerings will surely leave you wanting more. It is located at 2F UP Town Center. You can visit their Fb page at

The story in pictures:

The ambient counter

The Menu

The logo

One of the unique interior decors.

The sumptuous one piece chicken meal with mashed potato side dish at 198 Pesos

Another shot of the meal
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