Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Naimas: a taste of Home in the heart of Makati

        Aldous of aldousatetheworld.com never really stops with his foodie endeavors. Now he invited me to Naimas, an Ilocano themed restaurant in the heart of Metro Manila's business district, Makati. Upon entering, I found the place to have a rustic, country-style ambience that gives diners a feel of Ilocano home cooking. 

          Let me show you the place in pictures: 

The Logo.

Naimas has a lot on its menu. Note that they all serve Filipino favorites.

These home themed plaques represent the good things about food and family.

The rustic dining area.

Some random pictures.

The ambient outdoor dining area.

Pancit Canton at Php 250. This delectable Filipino favorite comes packed with lots of toppings such as bagnet, string beans, shrimps, squid balls, carrots, cabbage, and pancit. The dish didn't taste like an MSG overload. It had more of a mild savory flavor which combined the toppings in a very tasty way.

As a meat lover, I found their Adobong Baboy Ramo very satisfying to my palate. It came packed with a spicy garlic sauce. The meat was a bit tough though; but that didn't stop me from devouring it to the bone. It's a bit pricey though at Php 320 pesos. 

The pinatisang baka was also excellent. It was priced at Php 340 pesos. This dish is composed slightly salty beef cubes cooked in dried fish sauce. The meat was very tinder and easy to chew.

Seafood lovers would have an overkill with Adobong hipon sa aligue. At Php 340, this dish is composed of sauteed shrimp cooked in crab fat and garnished with onions. I certainly enjoyed the shrimps for its fatty and juicy texture and taste.

These are some Ilokano sauces and wines for sale.

The Gisaeng Balut costs Php 220. I didn't try it though due to my intense aversion for Balut.

The Guising-guising is a vegetable paradise floating in coconut milk. This dish, costing Php 220, is a heavenly mix of the vegetable with pork bits and cocount milk. It's extremely spicy though; but I still love it.

The Sizzling Litid is a fat rich goodness composed of beef tendon fried in a heap of hot oil. At 250 pesos, it's pretty solid if paired with hot rice and a cold drink. And not to mention that people who have lots of bad cholesterol have to avoid this. But I don't. And I find this dish to be the epitome of fat during the night.

Sinampalukang Kambing at Php 300. This dish is for those who love exotic Philippine meat like goat. The sauce is great though. I never knew that goat would make an excellent dish.

The halo-halo at Php 180 and the Turon na Saba at Php 110 served as our desserts. I like the fact that these dishes aren't too sweet like their street food counterparts. Kudos to their wonderful and picturesque presentations as well.

Naimas is located at CAP Building, Amorsolo St., Makati City. You can visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/naimasrestaurant.
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