Monday, June 20, 2016

Agape Pastries and Tartines: a taste of lovely food at Chimes Square, Quezon City

        As one of the lucky recipients of Aldous' generosity, I was treated to a warm and pleasant meal at Agape, a restaurant in Chimes Square, Q.C, along Congressional Avenue Extension. The place has a warm and vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for holding conversations, studying, or  for sipping the plain old cup of tea. Add to that the fact that it  serves some of the more exquisite dishes in the area. 

      According to the owner, she used the Greek word for highest form of love in light of the experiences she had with her family in times of trouble. There, she learned a lot about this kind of love. She was so inspired by her experience that she made it a point to turn it into a venture that expresses her gratefulness. I truly was impressed with what she had to convey. The place truly sums up this entire story and turns it into an inviting atmosphere for people who want a very cozy environment. The owner told us that the place was made with handcrafted materials by her workers. She ingeniously thought about the design and the materials that were to be put in the restaurant. She also conceptualized the menu to express an array of dishes with sumptuous tastes.

          My experience went like this:

We first took a tour of the place and its well-lit and vibrant ambiance.

Another shot of the counter.

They have a wide selection of pastries perfect for almost every occasion.

Their bread display.

The counter.

Here is a shot of the rustic dining area.

The decor.

These are all handcrafted by the owner's workmen.

The all-wood staircase

Our cozy dining area

The handcrafted chandelier

We then tried a handful of the dishes: 

We first tasted the pita bread with spinach dip. The bread was a bit thin but the dip was really tasty. I loved the fact that the dip had a creamy and consistent texture.

The Spicy Prawn With Papaya Salad comes with prawns, chopped papaya, peanuts, tossed greens, and a tangy vinaigrette. I especially loved its mildly spicy taste coupled with the robust flavor of the greens. At 150 pesos, it's good for sharing.

If the salad, on its own, is pretty appetizing, how much more will the next dishes fare?

The main course menu.

The beverage menu.

As for the pizza, we had the Dan McCune Panizza at Php 375. It's cut in a way that makes it rollable with the veggies. You can really eat it while rolled up. I do love the fact that the pizza wasn't too oily. Also, the mixture of ingredients was just right for my taste buds.

Gamberi Panizza (Php 340). This dish is their basic pizza flavor. Note the abundance of greens and olives for that healthy feel.

Another shot.

The Smoked Salmon BLT Tartines. Fish lovers will definitely have a field day in savoring this dish. The bread is made out of rye topped with greens, smoked salmon, and a vinaigrette. This truly is a filling sandwich with a lot of healthy ingredients as well. (Php 395)

A close up of that magnificent dish!

For those who want their fish dishes much more YOLO, they can get the Beer Battered Fish Tartines. At Php 250 pesos, these are the perfect embodiment of a man's favorites: fried food, beer and lots of fat. I enjoyed this more than the BLT. 

For drinks, I had this mildly sweet mango remedy (a moniker for fruit shakes) The taste was enough to remedy my thirst, though.  It costs 120 Php.

The Seared Salmon with Pineapple salsa. This Valentine's Special dish comes in pan seared fish and a sweet Pineapple sauce. I like the fact that this meal can truly be expressive of the warm, homey ambiance Agape claims to present. 

My personal favorite is the Sardines in Oil Pasta. The oily and tangy flavor of anchovies coupled with Olive oil, pasta, and garlic bread truly made my day special. The dish was also expressive of an oily concoction that I usually love.

As for dessert, we had Creme Brulee Tarts, Chocolava Tarts, and Bonbons which come at 40, 50, and 25 pesos per piece. I personally prefer the creme brulee for its creamy and milky consistency and texture.

I'd truly come back for more next time. Agape is located at 1F, Chimes Square, Congressional Extension, Quezon City. Their FB page is
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