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MELT Grilled Cheesery: the cheesiest restaurant in the Fort

My newest foray into food journalism was in the Fort, Uptown Parade, at a place called Melt. This new restaurant opened in April this year. According to the owners, they all love cheese. They turned this passion into a restaurant with all their creative concepts. Amazingly, the menu was conceptualized in less than a day, which I found amazing given the extensive menu.

With respect to the dishes, I'd say that the cheese was very very prevalent all throughout the experience. The pictures will tell you why.

The Classic Melt. The standard cheese sandwich comes with house blend mozzarella and cheddar cheese melted between sourdough breads and drizzled with tomato sauce and honey inside. I must say that the cheese overload was a bit overpowering even for seasoned cheese lovers such as me. The dish was priced at Php 275, which was a bit pricey for its size. 

Another shot of the classic melt. The sour creme sauce was excellent, though.

The bacon mac and grilled cheesy differed from the classic melt because it contained bacon. I must say that bacon is life, and it made the cheese sandwich much more tasty due to the excellent pairing of bacon and cheese. The bacon was maple glazed. At Php395, it was much more pricier than the regular melt. 

The Beefy Cheesy Rice was one of their rice meals. It was a mixture of various ingredients such as beef stew, raisins, parsley rice, silantro, melted cheeses of several variants. and candied walnuts. At Php 375, the dish gave an entire range of tastes. I must say that the dish contemplated a truly excellent variegated experience when it came to gastronomy.

The Chili Cheesy Rice, which was of the same price as the former, was a Mexican styled rice dish that was composed of Chili con Carne, Barese sausage rice, melted cheese sauteed cabbage, sour cream, mexican salsa, and cinnamon glazed bananas. This was their more adventurous version of the rice meat, with hints of Mexican flavors to boot. I liked this better than the former for its tangy taste. 

The Ratatouille (Php 285) was one of their starter pastas. This was composed of linguini, eggplants, carrots, and zucchini, and tomato pesto sauce. I didn't prefer it that much due to the dish's vegetarian inclinations. I did appreciate the excellent presentation, though.

The Mushroom Truffle (Php 395) was the meatier variant of their pasta dish. It had lots of mushroom, parma ham and quesong puti to boot. While the servings were quite small, I admire the meaty and rich taste. The leafy decoration balanced the whiteness of this dish.

That cheesy, yellow sign.

The Chocolate Chip Oreo Cheesecake. This is a cheesecake topped with lush chocolate sauce. Every bite screamed "cheese". The chocolate sauce served the balance out the cheesiness with its thick, bitter flavor. The cheesecake also reminded me of a cookie due to the fact that the crust was yellowish, quite reminiscent of cookie crust.

Dulce De Lecheese. It is composed of four bread and cheese sandwiches with their three cheese filling and topped with vanilla ice cream. This reminded me of a pancake filled with lots of cheese. I don't really know why. The vanilla ice cream blended well with the cheese filling when mixed. This was truly good for sharing since 4 cheese sandwiches were included with the dish.

MELT is truly an affair with cheese. Every dish was brimming with a generous heap of premium cheese blends blended with everyday favorites for that unique experience. It is located at Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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