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Hai Chix and Steaks: prime steak and chicken at a very cozy location

Hai Chix and Steaks is arguably one of the more remarkable steakhouses in the Metro. The dimly lit interiors and dark furniture, not to mention the secluded location, make it a great place for rendezvous or dates. These characteristics, along with the industrial feel of the place, make it suitable for more mature audiences. The Greenhills branch was actually quite hidden from the plain view. If you didn't see the quaint sign in front of the establishment, you would miss it.

The food was one for the books. We got to try the entire ensemble, which I must say was top-notch. From their appetizers to the steaks, only a few items were ripe for critique. The rest of the dishes served as a testament of the restaurant's penchant for excellence. With their main courses, I did see that their staff took the time and effort to make sure that such were notable.

The cozy interiors were quite dark in some places due to the ceiling lampshades. Some of the furniture was quite chic.

The meal started with a helping of the Butter Garlic Shrimp at Php 295. The Garlic and olive oil sauce was excellent as a dipping for the bread; while the shrimp was excellent as a topping. I did enjoy the fact that the shrimp was fresh and tasty. There was no slimy feel to it with every bite.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice at Php 280 was the flagship dish of the restaurant. It was simple Asian dish that tasted wonderfully with the classic ginger, chili, and soy sauce. It came with a helping of garlic rice. I must say that the chicken meat was tender and the skin was tasty in itself.

Garlic Rice and Corn and Carrots were excellent sides to the main dishes which were to come. 

The Ribeye at Php 2750 was a humongous chunk of prime beef topped with small fat cubes taken from the beef cut itself. This pan seared goodness was big enough for sharing between two to three people. It was served hot on a plate with all that fat drippings and the fat cubes. Surely, meat eaters would have a bonanza with every bite of this juicy piece of meat. 

I also enjoyed the fact that the steak was served at a medium rare preparation. The cross-section of each slice was pinkish and tender. Every bite made me desire more and more of it. Also, the steak was meant to be served without sauce as a testament to the rich taste of every bite.

Ribeye and Porterhouse at Php 3250. The Porterhouse was a larger serving of the steak with the meaty parts near the cow's spine. The ribeye, on the other hand, was taken from the cow's tendons. The ribeye was much more flavorful due to the fat from the bones and the marrow. Once again, it was topped with the fat trimmings and cubes for a much flavorful experience. It was also good for sharing.

I did like the fact that the trimmings tasted like gravy due to the presence of bones in the steak.

The Hai Chix Adobo Php 340 was their breakfast starter. This was a piece of Hainanese Chicken dipped in adobo sauce and accompanied with fried rice. It was a bit less remarkable than the Hainanese Chicken dish due to the smaller serving of the chicken and the salty marinade.

The steak cutlets were part of their soon to be revealed menu. It was composed of small steak strips topped with high grade cheese on top sliced bread. It had a drizzle of Parmesan as well. These were excellent appetizers since it told the diner what to expect from the steak.

The steaks were truly not for the health conscious, but rather for the taste-seekers.

The steaks were pretty fatty. Note the thick fat drippings at the side.

The Manila Clams Pasta at P270 were their superb compromise for the seafood lovers. The clams were fresh and the lemon white sauce had a tangy addition to the already excellent pasta and clams.

The Fish n' Chips at Php 295 were in huge servings. Accompanied by mustard and ketchup, every fish piece had a thin layer of breading with a hot and compact fill of dory inside. The dory matched quite well with mustard and ketchup. These were served piping hot; so it was much more prudent to take small bites out of each piece. And, oh, it came with heap of fries underneath. I also loved the fact that the breading was appetizing due to the golden brown color.

The Curry Laksa at Php 220 lacked a bit of the spicy flavor I wanted. The flavor was diminished in favor of those who couldn't handle too much spice.

The Ribeye Steak Paella Php 550 was the perfect rice dish to accompany the viand. It was good for 4 people, and each bite came with steak toppings. I never knew that steak would make an excellent alternative to the seafood.

The Buffalo Wings at Php 295 were crisp and well cooked. It had a peppery skin without too much of the spice. The vinegar dip made the skin crackle and sizzle for some crispy goodness.

The Apple Pie at Php 200 was actually quite deconstructed. The dish was composed of layer upon layer of baked crust with generous helping of apple crumble in between. I must say that this was an excellent way to bid farewell to our sumptuous meal. It wasn't too sugary; and every bite emanated with a controlled apple taste. I also loved the unique texture of the dish.

The Sansrival at Php 150 was for those who wanted more milk and nuts in their cake. Every serving was topped with cashews. I loved the milky crust and the nutty mix. I took every bite casually as I savored the mixture of a crisp texture from the nuts and a soft texture from the cake itself.

The Apple Pie with Ice Cream Php 200 was similar to the Apple pie, yet it was deconstructed. It still had the same flavor of the Apple pie, yet the generous ball of vanilla ice cream gave it a much sweeter taste.

Hai Chix and Steaks truly gave me an excellent glimpse into what steak should be all about. I also loved the fact that their appetizers, desserts, and other viands were done with the greatest regard for customer satisfaction. 

Hai Chix and Steaks is located at Second Floor, 6 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City. It is open from Today  12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM, Monday to Sunday.

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