Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fatfook: Taiwanese specialties at an affordable price!

Fatfook is an interesting combination of a restaurant. Firstly, its name is a Cantonese word for "Continuous Blessing."  Secondly, the motifs are reminiscent of a mainland Chinese restaurant, with graphic motifs of the cultural revolution plastered around its walls plus the interior decoration of traditional Chinese restaurants. Lastly, the specialties are centered around Taiwanese favorites. I must say that this interesting amalgam of diverse Chinese influences made my experience here a pleasant one.

We went to the SM North Edsa branch to try out their new specialty, the Salted Egg Custard Xiao Long Bao (XLB). We also had a taste of their new Fried Chicken Chops. Both were accompanied with a generous helping of their Taiwan style fried rice. These were all below the 300 peso price range per dish. 

The interiors were well-lit and ambient. I liked that the fact that the lights and the ceiling decor were made with porcelain plates which gave the place a unique look. The furniture was also reminiscent of the fixtures of traditional Chinese restaurants in the olden days. 

Drinks were composed of the Pink Guava Juice and the Honey Lemon Juice. The Guava Juice emanated with a sweetness that was devoid of any artificial sweetener. I instantly gorged myself with that delicious, sweet flavor. 

The magnificent Salted Egg Custard was not your typical XLB. The soup inside the dumpling had a strong hint of salted egg. It was a  good thing that the broth was not too overpowering. It blended well with the meat and wrapper and gave both ingredients the chance to shine with their exquisite tastes.

We were trying to practice our chopstick skills in eating XLB. Once it was scooped up, it had to be transferred to a spoon where one had to bite the wrapper and suck the soup out. I also loved the fact that the XLB was already tasty in itself without the ginger scallion black sauce. 

Another shot of the exquisite dish. Every bite was brimming with so much flavor.

The Fried Chicken Chops were a slab of deep fried Taiwanese style chicken breasts. The main attraction of the dish was the melt in your mouth breading made out of sweet potato starch, five spice powder, and other unspecified spices. The breading was not the only remarkable aspect. Even the white meat was tender and juicy. It did not taste or feel oily as well. Add to that the tangy flavor provided by the 5 spice powder.The Php 278 price tag was enough to justify the excellence of this dish.

On the other hand, the Taiwan style fried rice was composed of special short grained rice, Chinese sausage, peas, and leeks skillfully combined in a walk and excellently cooked. It was good for 2-3 persons. It effectively complemented the chicken by providing a rich, sweet flavor. I'd say that this was quite filling, given that it was meant for sharing.

Fatfook truly serves delightful Taiwanese favorites. The experience here was unlike that of a typical Chinese restaurant given the chic interiors, excellent flavors, and wonderful ambiance.

Fatfook is located a 1/F main building, SM North Edsa.

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