Sunday, March 5, 2017

Black Wagyu: an affordable taste of excellent Wagyu in Manila

Last week, Ms. Cheena, Mr. Clynton, and Aldous invited us to try one of the newest crazes in Manila: affordable Wagyu beef! For some time now, Wagyu beef has been associated with being elite: expensive and in minute servings. Restaurants have been serving it at somewhat insane prices around the Metro. Given the case, people would be turned down from buying wagyu due to prohibitive prices. However, Ms. Cheena and Mr. Clynton saw this opportunity to offer the same premium beef at value.

According to the owners, they conceptualized the idea out of her enjoyment at the famed meat. Since they knew Japanese friends can supply her with the product, they wasted no time in making a menu for this new business venture called Black Wagyu. They thought of offering the beef in a stall rather than a restaurant for certain considerations. In a few days, their stall became a hit in Ayala Malls the 30th. 

We tried out her new food concept in Ayala Malls the 30th, a trendy new mall in the heart of Ortigas. 

The Black Wagyu stall.

One of their stands.

Black Wagyu also caters to events. For 80 pax, the rate is Php 8,000. 100 pax will cost 10,000. 150 pax will cost 15,000. Each person gets 1 stick of their famed Wagyu beef. It comes with sweet and spicy sauce. 

These are their sweet and spicy sauces for the wagyu mix. Cheena and Clynton created a special mix using these premium sauce bases.

You can find them on Facebook:

Black Wagyu offers its beef at Php 100 for a single stick with three cubes, Php 150 as a rice topping with 5 cubes, and a 1 kg pack frozen at Php 1,400 with over 100 cubes. They also sell premium sirloin at Php 650 at 100 grams. So far, the Wagyu stick and the frozen Wagyu were the bestsellers. Students, on the other hand, prefer the one with rice. Some would eat 2-3 packs of the rice meal per head.

The wagyu is cooked in a high-end non-stick griller without any oil. The fatty goodness in every cube serves as the oil.

The cubes were then cooked medium rare. Wagyu is actually made from premium parts of high grade beef combined into thick, melt in your mouth cubes in a process called Saikoro.

Their exquisite stall.

We then tried out the Wagyu rice, a simple combination of 5 Wagyu cubes, rice with kani, and the special sauce. It was already filling at Php 150. Every bite of the Wagyu was filled with a high level of beefy flavor that only premium cuts can give. It was pretty tender too; plus the cubes were easy to bite and savor. I loved the fact that the cubes were cooked just right. Not too well done and not too bloody as well.

The Wagyu sandwich was one of their experimental creations. This was composed of premium foccacia bread with a helping of their wagyu cubes. The taste was excellent. It would have been more like a cheese steak sandwich if there was a fresh serving of melted cheese on top.

The Wagyu on stick, priced at Php 100, was the standard and unadulterated Wagyu. It was dripped in the sauce. 3 cubes was all I needed to satisfy my premium beef craving. Apart from looking good, the cubes were brimming with fatty goodness.

Black Wagyu is currently located at Ayala Malls the 30th until this Monday. They will have a popup store next week at UP Town Center. 

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