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The Study: The newest chill tambayan in Katipunan

Last November, the esteemed Mr. Aldous Calubad invited me to check out the newest nook for students in Katipunan: The Study! This restaurant/hangout place boasts of good food and great ambiance. In its first day of operation, students from nearby universities were already coming in and purchasing food despite the fact that the place was only open for selected invitees. According to the owners, this is their first business venture. They were truly overwhelmed with the response given by the community to their brand of food and drinks. 

The place, apart from being a restaurant, doubles as a study and book hub for students looking for a quiet, cozy place to stay. It is composed of a main dining area with ordinary wooden chairs, and a place full of cubicles and double deck areas at the back part of the establishment. The cubicles are well lit and full of pillows. One can remove his shoes and sit at the back cubicles, Indian-style. 

As for the food, I'd say the selection caters to the college kid taste, with a heavy emphasis on pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and rice meals. The prices range from 150 to over 200 pesos per dish. During the visit I was able to try out a good number of their selections. For starters, I had their Shroom Pizza. It was a delightful combination of mozzarella pizza with a number of shitake and black mushrooms. It was topped off with lettuce and and mornay sauce. The crust was not so thick for this one. The price to taste ratio was really excellent. At 220, you really get what you pay for. The crust had no burnt edges while the pizza was a balanced mix of sweet and salty all over. The sauce was a welcome addition to an already excellent pizza and flavorful mushroom toppings.

This appetizer was followed by Bolognese cream pasta. Another 220 pesos for this dish made my day. The sauce was all over the pasta and the dish was garnished with a bayleaf. The dish heavily expressed the pasta that is quite accustomed to the Filipino youthful taste with its sweet dressing and toppings. While not as sour or salty compared to its Italian style counterparts, the pasta can still draw a crowd in the area.

For the rice meal, I had the Lechon Kawali plus dry sinigang rice. This dish put a fresh twist to the traditional sinigang dish Filipinos have been accustomed to. Priced at 180 Php, the meal had a freshly fried slab of liempo in fried rice with minced kangkong, tomatoes, onions, and other flavorings in the sinigang dish. I do admire their unique twist on the dish, and I'd gladly recommend it to my friends who love Filipino cuisine so much.
I also had a taste of their Morning Starter and Mexican Sandwiches. Priced at 200 and 180 Php, respectively, these two dishes brought out the unique thrills and frills of the restaurant. The Mexican sandwich was a bit saucy and spicy with a mix of beef, chili con carne, melted cheese, and onions. This sandwich was truly for the adventurous type who wanted unique ingredients in his meal. The taste was pretty tangy and spicy for its kind. Also, one can enjoy the fresh ingredients that goes into every bite of this wonderfully prepared meal. 

The Morning starter had slices of Ham, eggs, and cheese together with double bun. It had the early breakfast theme that fits the description of a well-prepared meal to start the day. It had quite a lot of fatty ingredients, though, It's perfect for the protein and fat lover who wants a sumptuous treat before going to work.

I had their Caramel shake priced at 120 Php. It was not too sweet for my taste. I'd say the kitchen got it right for my preferences.

In sum, the restaurant expressed the chill, relaxed atmosphere of an area that is highly conducive for studying and hangouts with one's barkada. The food also served to liven up the atmosphere and provide more comfort to those who wish to spend a quiet afternoon or two.

The study is located at 2/F Regis Center, Katipunan, Quezon City. Visit their FB at 

Aldous Calubad for the invite.

The story in pictures:

One of the larger cubicles

One of the smaller ones

The menu

The front dining area

the double decks

The stuffed toys in the cubicle

The entrance

The alleyway going to the cubicles

Another cubicle

The kitchen

The signboard

Another cubicle with Ikea-esque furniture

The front portion of the resto

The counter

The shroom pizza

Lechon Kawali Plus Dry Sinigang Rice

Bolognese Cream Pasta

Caramel Shake

Mexican sandwich

Morning starter

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