Sunday, January 10, 2016

Breakout V Party Series at Victoria Court Malate

November is a month of scares. With this in mind, Breakout Philippines, the country's leading provider of scare rooms, zombie runs, and fun-filled unique amusement activities, opened up the V Party series: Midnight Mysteries. This time, the venue was placed in Victoria Court: Malate, one of the top branches of the leading motel chain in the country. 

Breakout has been at it for a number of years already. They have mainly engaged the market through escape room games organized in Ortigas, Makati, and Quezon City. Their venture into the zombie market was also consolidated when they began organizing running events with a twist: flesh-eating zombies chasing the runners. Now, their escape room game has been transported to Manila with the help of Victoria Court.

I was brought in together with a number of people to solve the mystery of a haunted hotel room in the old Hotel Saligia. The rules of the game are simple: solve the puzzle and 45 minutes and we're free. Fail, and I and my team become trapped forever. Sounds simple, but the Breakout team have plotted lots of twists and scares to make our stay quite bone-cringing. I do like the fact that the organizers meticulously arranged the setting and gave their best in creating an atmosphere that mirrors a haunted hotel.

I'm proud to say that this time, we actually solved the puzzle. Kudos to me and my excellent teammates who were game for challenges every step of the way. I do like the fact that we played and cooperated like a highly organized SWAT Team. We all used our wits and quick thinking to reach our goals. The game was truly an exercise of a person's ability to communicate and relate with other people in times of stress and controversy. We did get a few scares, though. But that did not deter us from pushing forward.

After the event, the organizers gave us freebies and let us watch horror movies on the big screen inside the venue. They truly made sure that the contestants would enjoy the experience in their event. 

The V Party Series: Midnight Mysteries is brought to you by Breakout Philippines and Victoria Court. You can visit their FB pages at:  

Breakout Philippines:

Victoria Court:


Ms. Tracey Tan of Breakout Philippines for the invite.

The story in pictures:

a dead tree with bones

some HD movies screened for visitors

The welcome poster

the props of the hotel setting

The entrance of the hotel

The organizer explaining the rules of the game

The winning team!

The haunted Hotel Saligia

The Breakout Rooms

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