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Satisfy your cravings in Quezon Buffet: the newest Filipino-Spanish food hub in Fisher Mall Q.C.

Last November, Mr. Ralph Huertas invited me to join the opening of a grand buffet experience in Quezon City. The venue was held in Fisher Mall, a shopping establishment situated in Quezon Avenue. Known as Quezon Buffet, this new dining experience boasted of a wide array of Filipino favorites presented in a sumptuous and appetizing manner. The owners aren't newbies to the food industry. Known as Grupo Guevarra Inc., they have been the pioneer of a fine dining buffet experience in the form of the well-known Chef Laudico Buffet in Greenhills and a host of other dining establishments. With their experience in serving Filipino food, these veteran restaurateurs have continued to propagate their expertise in the field by opening this new buffet venue in Quezon City. 

The restaurant interiors reminded me of a lavish and grand function hall that teleported diners back into the 1930's: a time when the late President Quezon ran the country. The rich cultural heritage of the 1930's Philippines was present in the interiors and the furnishings in the room. The theme was also reminiscent of the prevalence of Spanish influence in Filipino food and an era when life was simpler. With respect to these, the interiors can set a diner at ease and allow him to take his time in savoring the buffet dishes.

With respect to the food, I do appreciate the fact that the taste wasn't compromised by the quantity and variety of servings. The Php 368 (Lunch), Php 468 (Dinner), and  Php 568 (Friday nights and weekends) price tag was fully justified by the quality of the servings. For starters, the venue served 3 kinds of lechon during my visit. There was the Cebu Lechon, the Tagalog lechon, and the spicy variant. Add to that the fact that the meat section served a good number of sumptuous favorites such as Angus beef tapa, liempo, bagnet, and barbecue. The selection wasn't complete without the fatty sisig in 3 variants: pork, chicken, and fish. The rice and pasta variants were also impressive as well. The Spanish favorite, paella, was very much present, so was the Filipino favorite called palabok. Seafood was also in plain view and in bountiful quantities during the event. One can have chorizo gambas, fried tilapia garnished with salsa, and dory with laing. Other favorites include bulalo steak, beef kare kare, lechon manok inasal, dinakdakan, pork binagoongan, hamonadong manok, crispy kangkong, lumpiang ubod, and callos, among others. With more than 20 dishes to choose from, a diner will surely be gorged with the fatty goodness of Filipino-Spanish home cooking. With this many dishes, I couldn't review them bit by bit, but I'd say I thoroughly enjoyed the three variants of lechon, the paella, the palabok, and some of the seafood delicaies.  Despite their reputation as fatty dishes, the lechon never felt greasy. These were thoroughly cooked and served to perfection. The other dishes had great saucy flavors and artistic garnishes. Despite their known fat content, these never felt like an overkill for those with cholesterol problems. As for the dessert, I loved the leche flan in all its milky and sugary goodness. The ice cream was at a close second with the dessert being served in a dispenser.

The dishes are specially made for families and balikbayans who want to enjoy the company of their loved ones. Moreover, the cozy atmosphere welcomes these people as they proceeed to savor the dishes prepared by celebrity chef Khalel Chan, a veteran chef who has been adept at using fresh ingredients to create savory and heartwarming meals.

The event wasn't complete without the performance of Ms. Ima Cruz, a veteran theater actress who performed in Miss Saigon and other broadway shows. Other performances were also provided by a Filipino classical music band composed of teenagers with a passion for music.

Quezon Buffet Restaurant is at the 4th floor of Fisher Mall.  Operation Hours are at 12:00 to 2:30pm (lunch), 6:00 to 9:30pm (dinner) from Sunday to Tuesday , 6:00pm to 10:30pm (dinner) at Friday and Saturday

Contact Numbers : 281-2345, 366-6078, 0917-6783966

Note: children below 4 feet can get a discount of 50% off  

Quezon Buffet Facebook :

Mr. Ralph Huertas and Ms. Michelle Co Huertas for the invitation.

The story in pictures:

The spacious and ambient interiors of the dining hall

The buffet table all lined up

The sisig selection

The grilled favorites

The lechon

my plate filled with palabok, laing, barbecue, and liempo

almost done

The glass panel window with a montage of 1950's Manila

The pork selection

The paella and callos

The fish selection

Laing and gambas!

The pasta selection

appetizers for beginners!

The waiting area mural

The entrance!


House rules!

The dessert area filled with people!

The dining area

Another shot!

The wide selection of food

The salad bar for vegetarians

Other cooked favorites

Guests enjoying their meal

Chef Khalel Chan

A taste of brazo de mercedes and panna cotta

Pictures of significant places and events in Philippine history

Chef Khalel greeted by the staff
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