Sunday, January 10, 2016

Quiz Night at Wingman Restaurant (UP Town Center)

Last November, the generous Aldous Calubad invited me to Wingman Resto's Quiz Night. The establishment has been in UP Town Center for quite a while now. While I get to enjoy the food and drinks from the resto, I also acquired the opportunity to participate in one of the most thrilling events in my blogger life. 

According to the owner, his decision to invite bloggers stemmed from the fact that he had customers going in and telling him that they found his resto from some blog post. The convinced him to try out digital media as a promotional tool for his business. Also, he launched the project to encourage fun and friendly interaction between customers who definitely want to test out their knowledge of trivia and facts. The bloggers were divided into 4 teams, with Aldous and me being in the same group. The quiz had four rounds, each with its own set of challenges and twists, surely made for the individual who loves a good game. 

The first round was composed of general knowledge questions. These weren't too challenging, I knew majority of the ten questions that were asked. The second round was full of 90's music questions that I was weak in. I entrusted my teammates to make the right decisions in answering, though. The third and fourth rounds were exciting. We had a dose of geography and history as we did our best in answering the questions. It was a close fight to the finish as our team continued to breeze through the rounds. However, our team lost by 1 point to the champion. So much for effort, then.

The event wasn't complete without a generous serving of Wingman's 1 dozen wings (priced at Php 410) and onion rings and shoestring fries (Php 150 and Php 150, respectively) for sides. I loved the taste of the Garlic Parmesan and Jamaican Jerk Wings. Both were had flavorful skins with their own unique tastes while the meat was juicy and tender. The Jamaican Jerk even had this thick sauce that brimmed with flavor and was so finger-lickin good. The Wings were truly fried well. The sides were also generous in servings and great for barkadas looking for good finger food. I could surely see the faces of my fellow bloggers that time as they enjoyed the food. I will be definitely come back for more.

Wingman restaurant is located at 2/F UP Town Center, Diliman Quezon City. You can visit their FB page at

The story in photos:

The owner explaining the rules of the game

The teams eating while answering questions

a handful of onion rings and shoestring fries

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

Hickory Barbecue and Garlic Parmesan Wings

Another shot

The facade

Question time!

That's what the wings are for!

A gc to cap the day

some dessert to end the day

The scores. We got second place.

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