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The Chillout Project: a new hangout place in Taft, Manila

Last week, the generous Aldous Calubad of invited me to try out one of the newest hangouts in Taft called the Chillout Project. This new joint features a lot of pulutan favorites and fine tasting alcohol drinks for the enjoyment of barkadas and students staying in the area. The place itself is reminiscent of a rooftop bar in other areas of NCR where the cool breeze and the night sky is the diner's constant companion. Apart from that, the place exudes a vibe that is so common among college-situated bar and restos. The place is highly conducive for chill drinking, barkada get-togethers, or dates with someone special. According to the owner, the place has a strict no drugs policy along with strict regulations against carousing and other inappropriate physical activities. Even so, this place is becoming a fast growing spot for the students of DLSU and other neighboring universities. Add to that a competitor is just in front of their venue.

The menu offerings that we tried out included meat dishes such as the signature ribs, the tacos, chicken wings, bacon chicharon, and pizza, The drinks, on the other hand, included an alcoholic selection of beverages definitely suited to get someone worked up or drunk. First, we tried the smoked ribs. According to owner, the ribs are prepared for about more than 4 hours then cooked through smoking. This unique preparation style gives the meat a very tender texture with strong barbecue taste to boot. Our serving size, called the wolf pack, served 5 hungry bloggers eager to give it a try. Priced at 619 pesos, this platter didn't disappoint us.

We then tried the Let's Taco About It. This appetizer/pulutan is a taco dish that served the taco shells in the form of tortilla chips topped with saucy ground beef and a generous helping of lettuce. I enjoyed this dish so much due to my newfound love for vegetables. The beef taste wasn't overpowering. Priced at 120 pesos, the size was pretty reasonable.

I then proceeded to take a bite out of the bacon chicharon. According to the owner, the bacon is actually dried liempo that was fried to perfection. Upon testing, I found it to contain all that pork goodness without too much salt. I would say that it's a bit steeply priced at 199.00. Maybe you really are paying mostly for the taste.

The meal wasn';t complete without the pizza. The entire pan, priced at 299 Pesos for the Truffled All Veggies, is enough to feed four people with aplomb. The pizza, even though thin crust, was filling enough for that number of people. As for the taste, I'd say that it met my standard of well-crafted pizza. The cheese was pretty tasty even at small servings, and the veggie complemented the cheese well. Lastly, I gorged myself on the chicken wings priced at 199 pesos. Nothing special, but the wings were enough to satisfy my craving for chicken. I'd say the sauce was pretty tasty. 

As for the drinks, I'd say that the few I've tasted were top notch. First I start with the pink lemonade. At 55 pesos, this generous serving was enough to keep you hydrated while trying out all the dishes. It wasn't too sweet and wasn't too sour either. It was served the way I like it - balanced. The next drink I tried was the Voodoo. At 329 pesos, this deadly concoction of tequila, orange grenadine, rum, and vodka takes the term "hangover" to the next level. Initially served with variegated colors, this huge pitcher will turn black when mixed. The drink is pretty smooth on the throat. However, the enormous amount of alcohol can get one easily drunk without him knowing it. 

In sum, I do love the Chillout Project's take on the word "chill": good food, good ambience, and the company of good friends in a cozy rooftop bar at the heart of Taft Avenue, Manila.

The story in pictures:

The venue

The smoked ribs

The truffled veggie pizza

the signboard

the beach bunny cocktail

pink lemonade and the beach bunny cocktail

The sunset haze cocktail

the bloggers enjoying the meal

the wall decorations

the Let's Taco About It

The voodoo before mixing

The ever so yummy bacon chicharon

The menu

building-filled ambience

a hearty meal

the well decorated bar

No to drugs

the venue

The signboard

Special thanks to:

Aldous Calubad of

The Chillout Project Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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