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Altec Lansing: Everything Proof Bluetooth Speakers launch at the Rockwell tent October 19, 2015.

Last October 19, 2015, Ms. Emma Sy of Banbros Commercial Inc, one of the largest importers of electronic consumer goods in the country, invited me to an Altec Lansing event. This function showcased the launch of Altec's revolutionary model series called the Everything Proof Bluetooth speakers line. The event was held in the posh Rockwell Tent, beside Powerplant Mall, Makati City.

The U.S.-based brand is a major mover in the sound delivery industry for more than 80 years. It has been shaping the history of audio delivery by producing superior speakers for music-loving consumers and audiophiles alike. It continues to be a first choice for people who seek quality audio. The Philippine distributor of the products is Banbros Commercial Inc. 

Altec Lansing has long been known for its commitment to producing devices with superior sound quality, and this new line of outdoor speakers takes the brand to the next level. These new speakers are surely made to last. Given excellent ratings for being highly resilient, these devices truly represent the epitome of quality.

The new speaker line included models named the Mini H20, Jacket H20, the Lifejacket, the Orbit, and the Mini Lifejacket. These models, specifically the Lifejacket and the Mini H20, exemplify the traits of being waterproof, soundproof, snowproof, rustproof, and shockproof . These traits show the undeniable durability and resiliency of these speakers.

To start off, I'm going to showcase the flagship models: the Life Jacket and the Mini H20.

Life Jacket (SRP Php 7,250)

The Life Jacket Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has several laudable features, including:
1. great sound, voice confirmation, and an on-board microphone for clear, hands-free communication.
2. speaker phone with caller ID, voice confirmation and commands, easy Bluetooth pairing, and NFC compatibility. 
3. 16 hour battery life and power bank capability.

With these features, the speaker is a great device that you can use outdoors for calls and music. It can also be used to charge your smartphone anywhere. 

Mini H2O (SRP Php 1,995)

The Mini H2O Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features include:
1. an ultra compact design, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication.
2. 6 hours of battery life, aux in, and an integrated carabineer.
3. comes in 5 color options: black, white, red, orange, and blue 

The Mini H2O's quaint size lets you become the life of the party with its ability to bring music almost anywhere.

Other members of the collection:

Altec Lansing also unveiled other wireless Bluetooth speakers true to the resilient nature and quality of the brand.

The Mini Life Jacket (SRP Php 4,850)

The Mini Life Jacket boasts of the following features:
1. a rugged compact design, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. 
2. 10 hours of battery life, aux in, and an integrated carabineer.

The Mini Life Jacket can surely serve the needs of a vibrant adventurer who wants to go places.

The Jacket H20 (SRP Php 3,995)

On the other hand, the Jacket H2O features:
1.  a sleek, compact design
2. comes with voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication.
3. 8 hours of battery life and an aux in port, 

The Jacket H2O is perfect for water-based activities due to its design.

The Orbit (SRP Php 1,425)

The Orbit features:
1. an impressive sound quality for its size.
2. ultraportable size
3. onboard microphone for clear hands free communication, voice confirmation, aux in jack 4. 6 hours of battery life. 

This is a compact choice for the travelling music enthusiast.

These new models will be available in selected branches of SM Appliance Centers, Astro Vision, Astro Plus, Anson’s, and other gadget retailers nationwide. 

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Product Review

As for the event, I'd say it was a success. I had a swell time trying out Altec Lansing's new products by connecting them to my phone an playing music on it. The buffet was great too. Truly, Altec Lansing and Banbros Commercial Inc. know how to give one heck of a party. Also the freebies were great. We were able to take home a sample of the Mini H20 for our own personal consumption.

As for the speakers, I'd say it lived beyond my expectations. Upon testing, I found that the device had a battery life that lasted longer than 6 hours. Also, the charging time was excellent. I gauged it at about 2 hours or less. The sound of bass and background instruments was expressed crisply and clearly for all those dance music tracks. The speakers can be brought quite far from the device source (approximately 10 meters from the source) and still give out good sound quality. The sound quality itself was remarkable given its size and price class. You do get what you pay for at the amount of Php 1,995.

I initially expected the small speaker to be a bit mediocre at first, but after testing, I was truly convinced of its power and capabilities. As for the durability, I had no violent reactions. I threw around the speakers and dipped it in water. I'm pleased to say that its still working quite well. I'd give it an A plus for this aspect.

The story in pictures:

Eager Bloggers testing out the products

The Jacket H20

An entire selection on the display case 

The headphones

The program showcasing videos of the new selection of speakers

Altec Lansing's executives giving a short talk

a video about the resiliency of the Lifejacket

Bloggers asking questions to the executives 

Personal review of the Mini H20 

Very Compact and Handheld Mini H20

Photos Courtesy of: 

Altec Lansing Press Kit

Special Thanks to:

Ms. Emma Sy of Banbros Commercial Inc.

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