Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Breakout Room @ Trinoma: an intense and fun-filled puzzle experience

Last Friday, I was invited by Ms. Tracey Tan to play the Breakout Room game in Trinoma, North Avenue, Quezon City. The event was from 7-9 pm. Entitled the Walking Dead Zombie Room, this experience immerses players in an atmospheric mix of escape room and zombie apocalypse themes. This event was held in conjunction with the launch of the new Fox Series, Fear the Walking Dead. The occasion was also timely held, as Halloween was fast approaching. Furthermore, the set was reminiscent of a military barricade overrun with flesh eating zombies. (Kudos for the theme and the props!)

The rules were simple: get trapped in a room with 4 or more people, solve puzzles, and break the code to the door to get out alive. Lose, and be eaten by a vicious zombie. Despite these simple rules, I still didn't know what to expect. I even thought that it would be a walk in the park. Lo and behold, my senses were bombarded by the exquisitely designed set and intricate makeup on the zombies. That alone was enough to distract me even before I played. Even more disconcerting was the ambience as I was led blindfolded into the room and locked there for 20 minutes. 

After a few minutes of talking to my teammates who were also members of the media, the four of us proceeded to the room- with absolutely no idea as to how we would get out of it alive. We were able to solve a few puzzles; but eventually the zombie came out and ate my hand. (pun intended)

The game was even more disorienting than I thought. Originally, I believed that I'd be able to easily spot the clues and the solutions to some of the puzzles in the room. However, the dark-lit place, coupled with the cries of the undead and our team's lack of experience at playing these games probably contributed to our loss. There's always a next time though. And I intend to make it right!

According to the organizers, the game is based on 90's Japanese TV show games called "Takagism" that tickled the fancy of players who like to use their wits and observational skills to solve puzzles and win challenges. This idea was carried over to the Philippines by Runtertainment Inc., a company that originally became famous for the Outbreak zombie running series.

Also, players who join the game are required to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the secret of the puzzles from leaking out. This is also required to add to the thrill of new players.

The event will run from October 10 - November 7, 2015. For more details and inquiries, do visit their FB page at Rates are also posted in the site.

The story in pictures:

The military barricade

note the intricately designed props

great makeup

I like their props

A bunch of new players hanging on for dear life as they enter the dark-lit room

Presented in conjunction with the Walking Dead

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