Monday, June 26, 2017

Eat n' Meet Restaurant Marikina: Steak galore at affordable prices

Our visit to Eat N' Meet Marikina was filled with an abundance of steak. From their most humble selections to their finest ones, every meal was served with their best effort. Apart from their steak, they had other dishes that catered to my appetite. 

The interiors were a bit homey and rustic, typical for Marikina restaurants. However, these were also spacious and well-lit. The food was mainly composed of meat; hence it was suited more for the younger crowd and families who want steak.

Some of their favorites were: 

The T-Bone steak at Php 189 was part of their sizzling plates. The price was just right for some of this medium well meat. It was firm, tender, and fatty to an excellent degree. 

This was their on the rocks steak. At a much higher, but relatively cheap price, we were able to try their steaks which were cooked on the spot. The stone was first heated then served to the guests. This was akin to the ones used in high end Japanese steak diners. 

Some of their on the rocks variants were the Australian Ribeye at Php 349, the USDA Angus Ribeye Steak at Php 499, and the U.S. Porterhouse at Php 425. I enjoyed the Australian for its soft, flavorful taste.

The U.S. Porterhouse being cooked. 

The Pasta Negra at Php 185 was made with real squid ink. It made my lips a bit black when I ate some; but the taste was top notch. It was the right combination of saltiness and sweetness.

The Pork BBQ Ribs at Php 199 was a huge platter of pork ribs glazed in barbecue sauce. I twas amazingly sweet.

This one was the Pinoy Ribeye at Php 219. It was a perfect substitute for those who want freshly cooked yet affordable steak. 

The interiors had a lot of signages and Americana decor.

The Lemon Yakult was a sour addition to the meaty meal.

Lots of Americana signage.

The quaint exterior.

We then tried their lemonades and iced teas. 

For seafood lovers, they had the pinaputok na bangus. This was fresh milkfish cooked on their heated stone plate. The meat was tender and juicy as well.

The raw Australian steak to be prepared for cooking.

The porterhouse at Php 199 was a budget alternative for families and diners.

The nachos at Php 245 was excellent for groups who want a heavy snack. It was composed of tortill chips topped with steak bits, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese dip. 

Eat N' Meet is located at 90 Katipunan Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City. You can go there for your steak fix! I truly never had a dull moment during my experience. 

Special thanks to Miss China of Zomato for the awesome invite.

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