Saturday, June 17, 2017

After All Bar and Restaurant: a quaint and comfortable place for good food and drinks in Makati

After All got its name from Peter Ceterra's hit single. It was started by a group of friends who graduated from the Asian Institute of Management. All of them have come from distinguished careers. They decided to open a bar just last month with a menu including their personal specialties.

After being open for a month, the bar already has its own set of patrons and regular customers.

The bar is located in the first floor of SM Jazz Makati. It was pretty strategic since it was the only bar in the immediate vicinity. Plus, the condo residents can have a nightcap there every once in a while.

Their Banana Colada was composed of rum, bananas, and coconut milk. It tasted like the good old pina colada, albeit with bananas. One can only grasp of faint taste of the alcohol. Which, for one, made me drink the entire glass with ease. This was a truly fine pre-game drink. 

Their special Spanish Caldereta was cut into menudo sized chunks. The beef was prime grade, and the potatoes were those bite sized types. I must say that the tomato sauce was very savory. 

The Buffalo wings wasn't the crispy type. But, the sauce was excellent. It was a sweet honey garnish. The skin was easily taken off the bones. Servings were a bit disappointing; but the taste was well worth it.

The Crispy Pata was their crowning glory. It was a deep fried goodness of pork thigh with crispy skin and a fatty under layer. I enjoyed every bite because of the crispy skin while dipped in vinegar. 

Their Seafood Teppanyaki was a healthy mix of salmon, squid, shrimp, and clams marinated in special sauce. The servings were quite generous.

The Saikoro Steak Skewers was their version of the Japanese steak craze. It was composed of two sticks of tender, cubed Wagyu beef and served with toge and carrots. I would have wanted more servings, though.

Prawn Tempura Melange was the seafood dish I liked the most. The breading was very, very crisp. The prawns were also huge. 

Crunchy Pork Sisig was also one of their meat specialties. It was a piping hot serving of pork innards and meat fried to a crisp and topped with chicharon. The egg added extra texture and flavor.

Just look at that fatty goodness.

They also have a vast selection of wine and hard drinks for those who like their alcohol unadulterated.

Buko Melon Freeze was a mix of melon and buko juice and vodka mixed into a sherbet like drink. Just look at the texture. Every sip had quite a kick which was tempered by the sweet melon and buko juice.

The taste of alcohol was barely there. I got an overload of fruity taste with every sip.

Their Signature Chocolate Cake had a small syringe for an alcohol infusion. The idea there was to combine the sweetness of the cake with the full bodied flavor of whiskey. I liked the concept and the unique touch of the dessert.

They even have a live band performing every night. The performers for the night were very vivacious!

This is the look of their interior with the lights on.

Our post-game event was met with the Honeydew Mojito. Their version of the Mojito was spiced up with the seasonal Honeydew Melon. The Melon was quite tangy and sweet too. And like their other cocktails, the alcohol taste was also very faint.

The place without the lights on.

Calibre was their in-house version of the traditional Cuba Libre. This version had a specially blended cola and rum mix that takes hours to prepare. The glass was lined with salt for that extra tanginess.

After All is located in SM Jazz Mall, Makati.

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