Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Realizing big dreams must start with small steps. Mateo Guidicelli partners with Sunlife to bring the Sunlife Prosperity Card

Sunlife has been known help people save and invest for the future through their insurance, investment, and financial plans. They have also been known to help out people who want to make it big financially or maintain their financial status. Given this premise, it it no surprise that one of the biggest names in the acting industry, Matteo Guidicelli, has come to endorse Sunlife as his choice for financial investments and instruments. According to him, he wants to be practical in planning his preparations for the future; hence, he has enlisted the help of one of the best financial planners in the country: Sunlife. 

Since he strongly believes in the Sunlife brand, he has decided to endorse it as well. He makes it a point to only adhere to brands that he trusts and believes in; particularly those with a good and established reputation in the respective industries these are in. While he admits that he only has one Sunlife plan for now, he will make it a point to invest more in the future. 

Matteo's new endorsement for Sunlife is in the new Prosperity Card: a reloadable card that grants its owner access to any of Sunlife's financial instruments be it insurance, mutual funds, VUL's, or bond funds. It comes at the starting investment rate of Php 5,000 and is reloadable at anytime from any of Sunlife's Asset Management Offices located in the Metro and the Provinces. This card can be transferrable, hence it can be given as gifts on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Matteo himself admitted that he gave the card as gifts to the members of his athletic foundation. 

According to Sunlife Asset Management President Valerie Pama, the card is an intsrument that can help the youth who want to grow their money by spending for sound investments rather than worthless luxuries. While she acknowledges the fact that the youth are very much interested in investing their money, most of them don't know how to execute it. Hence, enter Sunlife, a company who can guide them in making the right choices for their money.

To cap off the launch of the New Prosperity Card, Sunlife launched a TVC wherein they showed Matto having two personas, one who was a bad boy spender while the other was a good guy investor. The girl was made to choose over these two; and she ended up choosing the frugal Matteo who learned to invest for the right things in life.

Matteo is truly a dedicated and focused careerman who has learned to be cautious when it comes to dealing with the more important parts of his life. Since he knows that he's already getting older, he has made it a point to focus on the right things such as his athletics and his projects. He also puts aside his earnings for his investments, with Sunlife being one of them.

The Story in Pictures:

Matteo with Sunlife's leading executives during the roundtable discussion on the new Sunlife Prosperity Card

Matteo explaining his work ethic and dedication to his craft.

The new Sunlife prosperity card at a starting investment of Phip 5,000.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Ralph Huertas of http://www.uberliciousph.com/

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