Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Be a Sunlife Advisor Now! The quintessential guide to achieving your financial freedom!

Last August 17. 2016, Mr. Brian Macasa invited me to witness the launch of Sunlife's Be a Financial Advisor campaign at the famed Aracama restaurant in BGC. This event aimed to tell members of the media and bloggers about the benefits of following your passion while doing something that is also financially rewarding. The organizers presented two of the seasoned advisers from Sunlife who have achieved and seen much in life.

The speakers were composed of Ms. Arianne Serafico and Ms. Agnes Cuaso. Both of them were initially into different fields. Ms. Cuaso was a former commerical model who was in print media and catwalk modelling; while Ms. Serafico was an NGO worker who initially wanted to focus on her passion to help others. Both of them discovered that their occupations were not sustainable enough to help them achieve their dreams. For Arianne, it was getting to fly to the us to attend a class in the prestigious Stanford University about business management. For Agnes, it was about being stable to raise a family. But, with the help of Sunlife, both of them were able to intertwine financial stability and their passions. According to both of them, being with Sunlife gave them the flexibility of time and effort. Through the standardized trainings and mentorships, both of them were able to become better at advising others about the importance of investments and saving for the future. Furthermore, Sunlife has become excellent partners in helping them secure the finances to do the things that were truly important to them. Arianne, on one hand, was able to raise more than 600 thousand pesos from her business with the help of the skills she learned from investing and working with Sunlife. Agnes, on the other hand, was able to take care of her 1 year old son through the flexibility of time granted by work as a financial advisor.

After the program, the hosts gave us bloggers a Q and A about the importance of investment and the different instruments available to their disposal. Also, the hosts told us that Sunlife isn't all about investments. It is also a growing family that a person can share his hopes and dreams with.

Truly, I can say that being a financial advisor with Sunlife is a career opportunity that I would like to tap into someday so that I may learn how to manage my money and investments wisely.

Truly, Sunlife can be a wonderful partner in providing people with opportunities to enrich themselves and help them attain the things that matter most in their lives. With this to take home, I truly hope that other's dreams are reached with the help of Sunlife. Be a Sunlife Advisor now! 

You can contact Sunlife Financial Philippine through their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/sunlifefinancialadvisorphilippines/?fref=ts

The story in Pictures:

The hosts interviewing the speakers for the night.

A Sunlife promotional folder detailing the joys of investing in Sunlife

The hosts with Ms. Agnes Tuazon and Ms. Arianne Serafico, the speakers and bonafide Sunlife Financial Advisers

A promotional stage for Sunlife

The Sunlife quiz show with the participation of employees from different offices in BGC

The bloggers enjoying the nachos and the quiz night

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