Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Floatsam: The Movie Bloggers Screening at SM Megamall Cinema 7, October 28, 2015

I was invited by Ms. Lhen Hassal of Toy Communications Advertising Co. to a special invite-only bloggers' premiere screening of Floatsam: The Movie, last October 28. 2015 at SM Megamall Cinema 7. Since I was a cinema connoisseur anyway, I decided to give a try without even knowing what to expect. Since I knew I was watching a Filipino film, I had the impression that this would be one of those run of the mill love story movies produced by a media giant. Little did I know that this latest movie staring the lovely Solenn Heusaff and Rocco Nacino would appeal to someone of my age group. As I went through the story, I found out that the movies is actually an indie film that cast big name stars in a very stunning backdrop: the picturesque Floatsam and Jetsam Hostel and the beaches of La Union. While watching, I already made plans at the back of my mind to visit the Hostel someday and drink and play music around the beach campfire at night. 

The film can be considered as the Philippines' first surfing movie exhibiting the natural beauty of La Union and the latter's viability for watersports. What made it even more impressive is the fact that the film was shot using HD cameras akin to the ones used in Game of Thrones. The texture and natural lighting of the beach was more than enough to set the mood and tone of a laid back beach story.

Plus, the movie showcases ten original songs from popular Filipino songwriters and singers including Marcus Adoro of the Eraserheads. The music made for the movie ranged from jazz to chill pop to campfire-friendly songs. These are tunes that can actually be listened to in a long drive 

As for the actors, it's actually pretty surprising that the producers of this indie film were able to recruit popular showbiz personalities. Also, while the film serves as a product placement for brands like Samsung, Cliqship, Nisce, and Floatsam Hostel, it still clearly conveys a story that is worth watching.

Apart from these excellent technical and artistic production efforts, the movie also explores the types and levels of relationships prevalent in the millenial generation.  This is heavily expressed in the main characters' attitudes towards the laid back and chill, not to mention worldly, life that La Union had to offer them. Some of the main characters believed in the notion of having one true love while the others wanted to experience the thrill ride of having multiple partners. Another was in doubt as to whether to marry her true love back in Manila or stay with a man she met in the sultry beach. From watching this film, I'd say that it tried paint an anything-goes picture of our generation: people who very liberal and independent at the same time. Given this premise, the film might be very attractive to people aged 30 below, while at the same time being a bit ambiguous in satisfying the preferences of older movie goers.  

For those interested, Floatsam: The Movie will be showing on Wednesday, November 4. 2015, in SM, Ayala, and Robinsons cinemas in different parts of the Philippines. It stars Solenn Heusaff, Rocco Nacino, Mara Lopez Yokohama, Carla Humphries, and Marc Abaya, all of whom are big names in the local showbiz industry.

Also, Floatsam and Jetsam Hostel is located in San Juan, La Union. You can visit their website at floatsamandjetsamhostel.com or call them at 09178021328.

Special thanks to Lhen Hassal of Toy Communications Advertising Co.

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