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PLDT #BeTheBoss Campaign powered by Rappler, PLDT SME Nation, and Smart Enterprise Launch Event (August 5, 2015)

In the month of August, blog events are a plenty. To cap off my participation and attendance as a blogger, I went to the PLDT SME Nation #BeTheBoss launch event. This was possible through the generosity of Ms. Millet Liberato of DDB. The event was held at the newly opened Brewery at the Palace located in the Fort Bonifacio, Global City. PLDT SME Nation pampered its attendees with a lot of fun games and surprises. More than 5 Samsung Galaxy Tablets were given away to lucky bloggers via raffle, while almost everyone got a powerbank. Add to that the fact that the goodie bags were filled with high quality peripherals such as European designed water bottles, soft laptop covers, USB Flash Disks, and Cellphone accessories.

Another special mention was the food. It truly catered to the tastes of the guests. There was sisig pizza which boasted of a cheesy overload, a selection of German sausages which had a variety of tastes, mini-cheeseburgers with a helping of beef patties, and the obligatory buffet which was for meat lovers. There was beer-cooked beef, chicken terriyaki, baked potato, salad, and the tangy pasta.

The establishment, though, was famous for its freshly brewed varieties of foreign craft beers. Up to 5 varieties of fresh beer was served to the guests. I did try the Indian Pale Ale at 5% alcohol. I'd say that the combination of sweet and bitter tastes did a lot to make my day. Now on to the business side of things!

Last August 5, 2015, PLDT SME Nation, one of the subsidiaries of the Telecom Giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Inc.,  revealed its latest pet project - the Bozz Awards. This initiative consists of a crowdsourcing program for a select group of budding tech entrepreneurs. These people must be known for heavily utilizing technology to accomplish their business objectives and building their commercial platforms. Also, they must be the creators of revolutionary innovations in the way they conduct their enterprises.

For this campaign, PLDT SME specially partners with, an online media giant with an extensive social media presence. Through this approach, the program hopes to disseminate the event and further inspire Filipino business people in creating and replicating the success stories of those who have gone before them. The initiative also desires to empower Filipinos in embracing the challenges and risks of the digital era. For this purpose, Rappler becomes the main promoter of the Bozz Awards and handles the crowd-sourcing aspect.

According to PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna Abelarde, PLDT SME Nation has consistently been at the forefront of celebrating success stories in business as well as promoting a new breed of entrepreneurs. While the MVP Bossing awards has always been there to champion the cause of business giants, the Bozz Awards, on the other hand, promotes up-and-coming startups. Talk about a way of equalizing the playing field!

The Bozz Awards event is merely the start of PLDT's Small Business Month program that seeks to give more opportunities to small players and help them achieve success. Do expect to see more activities in store for SME's in the coming weeks!

For those interested, the qualification for joining this elite program are as follows:

Entrepreneurs must be:

1. at most 45 years old.
2. based in the Philippines
3. business owners for at least 2 years
4. falls under the categories of
       a. The Boss for Mobile Readiness
       b. The Boss for E-commerce
       c. The Boss for Social Media
       d. The Boss for Customer Service
       e. The Boss for Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship

The public can nominate an entrepreneur who fulfills these categories through the official  site developed by Rappler. The nominations will start on August 10, 2015. 15 nominees will be chosen. The nominees will have to be under the 5 aforementioned categories. Also, a maximum of three 3 persons per category will be chosen in the initial selection. The scoring to be given by the panel is divided into 5 aspects, namely: Promising Entrepreneurial Journey at 20%, Market/Brand Affinity at 20%, Integration of Tech to Business at 30%, and Product Service Innovation at 30%. The public vote will comprise 40% of the score while the panel vote will comprise 60% of the rating. After a public voting campaign and panel deliberations, only 5 people (1 per catgeory) will be chosen in the awards events. The winners will be announced in the culminating celebration of the first ever Bozz Awards campaign.

The winners of this competition will be given a Smart Enterprise Biz Kit comprising hardware essential for their business, as well as SMART's data subscription package. This way, these enterprises can ensure that their online presence will be bolstered. This package can also help them streamline their operations. As an added bonus, the winners will be given a chance to go to Silicon Valley, California, to inspire them to improve their tech startups.

#BeTheBoss now! Visit to know more about this campaign. Also, know more about the Brewery at the Palace at

Special Thanks to:

Ms. Millet Liberato of DDB PR for the invite for the pictures.

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